Our Story

Best choice. Better feeling.

Why Friendly Mobiles do make a difference

You probably like iPhones and iPads just as much as we do. The genius of the device, its design and user comfort. Everything, except maybe the price, and the strain on our environment, as consumer electronics already account for 70% of toxic waste in our junkyards.

Better than new

iPhones, iPads and even Macs are often replaced for no other reason than the newer model that has arrived. While more than half of the technology inside has not lost a single nanosecond of its original power.

At Friendly Mobiles, we believe we can do better. Bring you an iPhone that looks and performs as new, at a much better price, reducing waste to the bare minimum. We source our devices straight from European carriers, distributors and retailers. We test all components and replace every part that doesn’t meet factory specs. Casings and screens, we renew using state of the art glass polishing, re-anodizing, and colouring technologies. After this the device is cleaned and polished resulting in a product that both looks and performs as new. This is what we call Premium Refurbished.

Technical, ethical and sustainable excellence

The only difference you will see is to your budget — and to the environment. Being eco-friendly is not only our pledge to mother nature but also our pledge to you. Our specialised factory has all relevant certifications for technical, ethical and sustainable excellence. You can find more information on that on our Go Green page. Of course we can make a difference. And for you there’s no longer any reason why you shouldn’t allow yourself an iPhone or iPad. That’s what we mean by best choice, better feeling.