Go Green

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Together we produce over four times as much waste as we did in the previous century. In this digital age, consumer electronics account for as much as 70 percent of toxic waste in our junkyards. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US alone, 152 million smartphones were trashed in 2010. While only 11 percent of those devices got recycled.* That is why Friendly Mobiles believe the responsible re-use of consumer electronics is a critically needed step towards a sustainable future.

* Source: Electronics Take Back Coalition

Corporate Social Responsibility

To go green means more to us than just reducing waste. It’s a way of respecting both people and our planet. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is our foundation. We see it as our license to be of service to you. Why? We’ll gladly explain.

Sustainable profit

The demand for sustainable products and services grows at a steady pace. Savings in energy consumption and the use of raw materials is our business model. But there’s more to it. As a team, it inspires us, because we feel we make a difference. That’s motivation. Motivated employees make companies better. And better companies make better employees.

Our view on CSR

Decision-making processes and structures.

As a company we are part of the communities in which we are active. Our involvement therein should contribute to those communities and their quality of life and development. With that in mind, our decision-making process is structured around this one focal point: everything we do or don’t do should advance both our company and coworkers on one hand, as well as the ecosystem in which we exist on the other.

Well-being, skills and work practice

For our repair technicians, Friendly Mobiles supports programs in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001 certification) – that provide for training and skills development, health, safety and industrial hygiene.

Our operational employees come from the community in which the factory is operating out of. We benefit from that community and can only continue to do so if the advantage is reciprocal. Therefore, we strive for proper representation and participation of employees in social dialogue about our common future.

Environmental performance

Every company has its impact on the environment. Producing consumer goods with zero waste is hardly thinkable, and every production line consumes energy and natural resources. While zero impact is the ultimate goal, distribution alone is quite energy consuming and planting a few trees alone won’t make up for the damage.

Instead, Friendly Mobiles strive to structurally reduce waste and pollution. That is why the factories refurbishing our products, operate strictly by the guidelines and rules set out in the ISO 14001 and R2:2013 Standards.
Does that win us the zero-impact award? No, unfortunately it doesn’t. But it does make a huge difference – and we’re proud of it.

Ethical behaviour

Doing business in the digital age is all about ethical behaviour in the collaboration between companies, suppliers, consumers, competitors and governmental bodies. The digital transformation more than ever requires co-creation over competition, and without solid partner-ecosystems this cannot be achieved.

Trust is the keyword, and it comes with ethical and transparent behaviour. Besides that, we think it is important that consumers have access to clear and straightforward information about our products and services, so they can make informed decisions.