Friendly Prices

Friendly prices are kind on your budget, of course. But in our view, it takes a lot more than just that to earn the badge. Because to be truly friendly, any amount you spend on an iPhone should be friendly for the planet too. And friendly for the people who remanufacture them on your behalf. At Friendly Mobiles, we our proud that our prices do really make all that difference.

Remanufacturing is the answer

    • Fresh-out-of-factory quality
    • Affordable, attractive pricing
    • Eco-friendly, sustainable product
    • Carefree, 2-year warranty

    We bring you iPhones and iPads that look and perform as new, at a much better than new price. While reducing waste to the bare minimum. How? We rebuild each device, replacing all parts that are subject to wear and tear with perfect, new parts. Remanufacturing, we call that. You won’t find any difference, because there is none. Guaranteed.

    Want to know more?

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