We source our units carefully from the global insurance, telecommunications, retail and corporate sectors that often refresh their inventory regularly. Then we restore these units in specialised factories where we’ve set up our own Friendly Mobiles control process.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section]

Our units undergo a rigorous, multi-step checking progress. A unit that arrives at the factory for refurbishment goes through the following controls:

  1. Scanning and registration.
  2. 1st manual testing.
  3. 1st computer diagnostic testing and analysis.
  4. Repair or replace stage for components.
  5. 2nd computer diagnostic testing and analysis.
  6. 2nd manual testing.
  7. Green light (or red light to repeat process)

All units require a manual check to make sure all external imperfections are identified and fixed. The computer software then measures all different benchmark criteria within the unit’s components to ensure the original specifications are met, but the human touch is still required. All our units go through a multi-stage check-and-repair cycle that draws on the best of both man and machine.

Yes, our Friendly Mobiles units come with an exemplary 24-months hardware warranty and our related accessories come with a 12-months warranty. Please check our Terms & Conditions for more information.

If your product is reported as faulty during the first 14 day period, we will provide a ‘like for like’ replacement, without prejudice to the legal guarantee. If we do not have the product available, we may offer an alternative product as per our Warranty Policy.

If the unit does not function correctly during the warranty period, we will work with you to come to a suitable resolution. We will either have the unit repaired, free of charge, or we will exchange it for a ‘like for like’ product. Please go to Repair Topper to register your repair request or see our Warranty Procedure for more details.

Even when your unit is outside of the warranty period, we can assist you with required repairs. Please see our Warranty & Repairs page

You will receive a price estimate for the repairs prior to us starting the work. Only after you give us written consent will we start the work.

Refurbishing a product restores it to working order but with no commitment to restoring the product to its original state. In fact, refurbished products often come with quality grades to indicate what type of disparate components were used (and what specs therefore result).

At Friendly Mobiles we use our proprietary quality standard: Premium Refurbished.

This means all products are tested and refurbished to the specifications of the original manufactured product. You could say ”as good as new” but with our reduced pricing and our 2-year warranty, it actually is a better deal than just “new.”

We believe Premium Refurbishing shows more respect to the original brand and its integrity.

The Private copying levies compensates authors and artists for copying music and films for private use. There was already a charge on empty CDs and DVDs. Since 1 January 2013, charges also apply to devices that allow you to make a private copy of music or video, such as smartphones and tablets.

If you are not satisfied with the products or services of Friendly Mobiles B.V. please visit our Return policy page.
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