10 Fun Ways to Eliminate Typing Stress with iPhone Keyboard Tips & Shortcuts

Smartphones have replaced comparatively large laptops and desktops for connecting over the internet. Now, you use your smartphones to reply to a message, an email or make a note when you can’t avail pen and paper. But, typing long words and phrases over time might seem monotonous, even if you change the font style and theme. 

However, the iPhone understands the typing strain over its users. That’s why Apple has included numerous built-in features to make the typing extremely smooth. Yes, you can install third-party keyboard applications; but, let’s take a glance at what iPhone offers when it comes to cool keyboard tips and other similar shortcuts.

  1. Go Optimized with One-Handed Functionality

Apple recently started the trend of spectacularly enormous devices with the iPhone X series. Till then, people were familiar with handling compact iPhones within their grips. With the advent of bigger devices such as iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and 12 series, people encounter issues with a comparatively larger keyboard. Use the readymade formula from iOS keyboard to mitigate the issue, as suggested by the experts of Mobile Repair Dubai.

Enter any messaging or mail section where you can access the keyboard. Now, firmly tap the Globe icon located at the bottom-left corner of the keyboard. There you can notice one-handed mode indicating left and right preferences. Choose whatever suits you. After typing, you can resize to its normal size, by tapping the extension icon beside the keyboard.

  1. Activate Keyboard Preferences & Deactivate Annoying ones

Generally, iPhones come with some predefined sets of keyboard settings. Some of them might not fulfil your messaging requirements or the tones of your notes.so, change them according to your choices. For instance, you can let the Auto-capitalisation, Enable Caps Lock and Smart Punctuation be activated. Whereas you can try turning off Predictive, Check Spelling, Auto-Correction settings for a reliable mode of typing.

Now, Where can you find all these keyboard-related options? Unlock the device and tap Settings. Move to General and locate the Keyboard option. There, you can find all your necessary typing options, switch them accordingly.

  1. Move the Cursor Freely

Are you facing troubles with pointing a particular text as you can’t control the cursor movement? To be honest, tackling cursor for immediate removal or word or damage control might seem tricky for iPhone keyboards. That’s why you should avail the 3D Touch technology. This would convert the keyboard into a trackpad and you can smoothly swipe along the texts to insert or delete any changes required.

Firmly tap the Spacebar key of the keyboard and you can point to any letter of the text. However, the trackpad would return to the normal keyboard as soon as you lift your finger, and then you can make the change. 

  1. Create Text Replacement to Insert Mostly-Used Phrases

We guess you use general-purpose phrases almost every day to reply to someone. And, typing the same letters over and over might seem tedious. Minimize your effort when you are with your iPhone. Create useful text shortcuts with the Text Replacement feature on your phone. In case, you have to wish someone ‘Good Morning’, then you can replace the entire text with a shortcut such as ‘gm’. Let’s check out the setting procedure.

Navigate to the Keyboard section under the General option of Settings. Locate the option named Text Replacement. Tap it and press the + sign at the top-right corner. Now, type ‘Good Morning’ at the Phrase box. Additionally, place the Shortcut statement that is ‘gm’ at the box named Shortcut. You can add bundles of Text Replacements and you can find them in alphabetical order under the Text Replacement section. Besides this, you can alternately change the shortcuts.

  1. Undo with a Shake

When you type in a stretch and the last typed word goes wrong, then you have to repetitively press the Delete button to wipe the word off. Continuous deletion seems boring, no doubt. How about a magic trick to undo the last typing with just a mild shake? The iPhone comes with this additional ‘Shake to Undo’ feature to mitigate your efforts.

Just shake the device and confirm the Undo action. If you find the feature disabled, you have to manually enable it. To do so, browse Settings. Go to General, and then Accessibility. Tap on the Touch option. Find out the ‘Shake to Undo’ option and toggle the switch to access the feature.

  1. Turn your Speech into Texts

iOS makes its move towards Speech to Text facility and eases your journey with typing long messages, emails and notes. There’s merely any chance of encountering any spelling mistake or odd interpretation. To swing into the Speech to Text feature, just tap the Microphone icon from the bottom-right corner of the keyboard. And, let your iPhone do the wonder, by recording your voice note and converting it into a text.

  1. Swipe to Capitalize your Prefered Texts

You might encounter instances where you have to capitalize letters in between the texts. Then, you have to slow down your typing speed and halt to tap the Shift or Caps Lock key to capitalize that single letter. We have found a notable trick for this circumstance. Swipe from the Shift key to the letter that needs to be capitalized and you are done. Keep practising this simple tip, and we are sure that you will find it beneficial. In case, the keyboard doesn’t respond, contact Mobile Repair Dubai for instant solutions.

  1. Introduce Variation to Typical Texts

In other words, you can make the words bold, italic or underlined whenever required. Several typing applications might enable to customize the texts with BIU features. Firstly, select the text that you want to personalize. The pop-up menu would show you cut, copy-paste and BIU options. Tap on the BIU option and do whatever suits your text.

  1. Extended Keyboard for Plus Sizes

Are you using an iPhone 11 Pro Max? If you are not too fond of one-handed mode, then turn on the landscape orientation. This would avail you an entirely new feature-rich keyboard option. For instance, the arrow keys, cut-copy-paste and formatting options are available there to type and personalize on a single go.

  1. 10.Customize the iPhone Dictionary

iPhones don’t allow you to insert your own useful words to its dictionary. You have to tackle this with a little wit. You can place any name on the Contact list and the iPhone can’t argue on that issue. And, whenever you start typing something similar to that contact or name, it would automatically appear on the prediction spaces. Just tap on it and it would get included on your note or message.

Spice up your Typing Experience with Third-Party Apps and Emojis…

If you want to add different themes and colours to the keyboard to make it look vibrant and crisp, then you have to opt for third-party keyboard applications. Go for easy installation of third-party applications from the App Store. The most useful third-party application for this purpose is the Gboard from Google. 

In addition to this, you can create your own avatars by using the Memoji stickers option under the Keyboard settings. Let your dear ones know how you feel, with your expressions, with your Memoji stickers, and have fun!

Maximize Your iPhone With the Best Job Search Apps During the Covid-19 Pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic has raged across the world, the workforce has been hit extremely hard and is only now beginning to recover. In May, a report from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) found that, at that point, 20.6 million Americans had already lost their jobs which was over double the amount lost during the Great Recession of 2008. 

Fortunately, that number is beginning to lower as companies are starting their hiring processes once more. To that end, finding a job amidst the Covid-19 pandemic can be difficult, regardless of if you just started your career or if you had been in it for a number of years. Utilizing technology to source new job opportunities is a great way to get yourself back into the workforce, and there are a number of fantastic job search apps available to anyone.


As it turns out, LinkedIn is more than just a platform for recruiters searching for new candidates. There are job search options and a number of companies choose to post their open positions to LinkedIn. If you have an account already, this makes applying for a job incredibly simple as you can simply apply with your profile and all your information will be automatically transferred to whatever application you choose to fill out. 

It is worth noting that LinkedIn job postings receive a large amount of traffic given the popularity of the site. However, with over 20 million job postings available, as covered by LinkedIn, it should certainly be possible to find an opening that can get your back into the workforce. Before applying, take a minute to look at the career you held or the one you wish to enter. Is it really right for you? 

Focus on identifying your strengths and searching for jobs on LinkedIn that match up to those skills you boast. Finding the right career is about getting a perfect match to your skills and interests, but that can’t be done without a little bit of introspection. 


Similar to LinkedIn, with less social features, Indeed is a popular job search site that prides itself on matching you with a career that can suit your interests. As mentioned, ensure you take the time to determine what career path you want to pursue. This will allow you to filter the jobs on Indeed that actually match up with your skillset and will save you time in the long run.

According to Indeed, they boast two times more hires than their competitors and claim to have over 15 million reviews on their site. This popularity means that competition can be stiff on the site, so finding the jobs where it’s clear why you should be hired is the best course of action on Indeed. Take the necessary steps to launch a new career today and consider signing up for the site to open doors to job opportunities that were previously unknown.


GlassDoor is a direct competitor to Indeed and LinkedIn but, as such, offers a comparably high number of job openings. This site also features salary information and anonymous reviews from company workers that can give any job seeker more knowledge on the company they are considering applying to. 

Besides career insights, GlassDoor allows for free job postings which results in a large number of popular companies using their services. All qualifications and requirements to apply for a job are visible from the get-go, including whether or not items such as an online degree are accepted by the company you are considering applying to. 


Overall, losing your job or searching for a job amidst a global pandemic can be a difficult task. With that in mind, it’s certainly not impossible to find a career that will set you up for success in the long run. Don’t rely on any single job search site when you are looking for new openings, as this will shrink the number of potential options you have. Instead, source from all of the above job search apps and more when looking for a new career to ensure you never miss an opportunity or new job posting.

Best apps for when feeling blue

Feeling the blues? We all get it, some days you just want to crawl under a blanket and mute the world for a while.

But, when push comes to shove, what do you do when feeling blue ?

Luckily, modern-day technology is lending a helping hand, offering a handful of useful apps able to set you right back on track.

From interactive and creative to educational and stimulating, here are 9 of the most effective apps to get you in a blues-free mood! 

1. Elevate

Elevate is an app designed to boost your professional and creative skills. The app is super-easy to use, and trains you to become your better self by playing over 35 different animation games, all adjusted to your particular abilities.

From learning math to improving your writing, listening and reading skills, Elevate turns traditional education into an invigorating experience that helps you track and compare your improvement.

2. MasterClass

By solely picking the brains of the most crafted masterminds of today like Garry Kasparow and Anna Wintour, MasterClass is an app like no other. Not quite an interactive, but a resourceful app, MasterClass teaches you how to grow both your business and yourself by putting theoretical knowledge to practice.

Intended for up-and-coming writers, promising musicians, striving actors, painters, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and more, MasterClass feeds you the essence of what it takes to become the chief of your own vocation.

3. Quora

If you have a specific question for a certain topic of interest, you have landed yourself in the right place. Think of Quora as your all-in-one platform for sharing information on almost any given topic.

Outlined as a social and educational forum, Quora nurtures quality knowledge and lets you ask questions, share opinions, and exchange experiences, all in a social media context.

4. Headspace

How much does it take to reshift your focus and start fresh? According to Headspace, just 10 minutes of mindfulness can do the trick. Structured to monitor and improve your daily habits, Headspace is one of the leading apps for building solid, healthy and lasting routines.

Also known as the ‘gym membership for your mind’, the science-based app helps you deal with daily distractions, stress, anxiety triggers and more – perfect for blue days.

5. Way of Life — Habit Tracker

Struggling to put your ducks in a row? No worries, Way of Life does the job for you!

As one of the best habit-building apps, Way of Life asks daily ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions, using your answers to help you create a healthy and organised lifestyle.

In essence, the app works as your personalissed journal, using habitual reminders and visual graphs to monitor your daily progress.

6. Bliss

A blissful experience, indeed!

If you are on the search for the next great app to help you build an emotionally healthier you, Bliss is here to help!

Designed as an assembly of psychological games, Bliss is an app that approaches the concept of positivity in a refreshing and brain-stimulating way.

So train your gray matters with Bliss, which gathers some of the most effective tools to lead you to self-improvement and personal growth.  

7. Lumosity

Hello, cognitive excellence!

Facilitating the lives of over 100 million users worldwide, Lumosity provides quality cognitive training in a distinguishing manner. The app’s training program is engaging and interactive, primarily focusing on pushing your brain towards whole new heights of intellectual performance.

In short, the app is an abundance of science-based games that aim to improve your memory, speed, motoric and problem-solving skills.

Although similar to the Elevate app, Lumosity offers more simple straightforward educational games including attention, memory and speed, whilst Elevate has more to offer on both math as well as reading, writing and speaking.  

8. Dplay

Available for smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV, Dplay is your main source of Discovery’s leading educational documentaries and shows.

With a goal of entertaining you, while also enriching your general knowledge, Dplay brings the best worldwide documentaries and series in one place. 

9. Netflix and Apple TV+

Lo and behold, here come the apps that need no special introduction!

As global streaming phenomena, Netflix and Apple TV+ represent a rich catalogue of series, travel documentaries, real-life experiences, movies, stand-up specials, series and other forms of storytelling. Whether you are traveling, getting cosy in front of the TV, or making the most of your lunch break, Netflix and Apple TV+ keep up with your pace, becoming your ultimate go-to stream service providers.

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iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 PRO – What you need to know

The time has finally come, the long anticipated release of the brand new iPhone took place last night during the September Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater in California. Apple announced the release of three different versions, including a new Apple watch! We have listed the different iPhones and improvements to make it easier for you.

iPhone 11
First we start with the iPhone 11. This is a cheaper version that Apple has released in no less than 6 different colors; Black, Red, Yellow, White, Green and Lavender. The casing is made of aluminum with a glass back for wireless charging. It is the successor to the iPhone XR and therefore has many similarities with the latest iPhone. The iPhone 11 has a 6.1 inch LCD screen, the same Liquid-Retina screen as last year. Other functions such as True Tone and Haptic Touch, as well as the screen resolution, remain the same.

The major new feature to look out for is the additional camera lens. The iPhone 11 namely has a dual camera which of course gives you more functions. One of the new functions is, for example, a Wide Angle Lens, which allows you to take wider pictures.

There is also a new night functionality that allows you to take better photos in the dark. Apple has also equipped its latest iPhone with a faster A13 bionic chip – the fastest CPU in a smartphone ever. But of course we did not expect anything else from Apple. The face id is also improved and you can keep the iPhone 11 up to 2 meters under water!
In terms of price, the iPhone 11 is en par with the iPhone XR.

· iPhone 11 64 GB: € 809
· iPhone 11 128 GB: € 859
· iPhone 11 256 GB: € 979

iPhone 11 PRO / PRO max
The iPhone 11 pro is available in 2 sizes: The iPhone 11 pro and Max. The pro comes in 4 colors; Black, Gold, Spacegrey and Midnight Green. The case is the same as the current iPhone X series, but I personally find this design even better as they have added a matte back to the iPhone pro. The iPhone pro comes with a lightening connector again, but with an 18-watt fast charger, equipped with a USB-C-to-lightening cable.

The iPhone 11 Pro is equipped with a new Super Retina XDR display and a specially designed Apple-designed OLED screen. This supports HDR playback for movies and other HD videos with a brightness of up to 1,200 nits. Just like with the iPhone 11, a faster A13 Bionic chip has also been added, and the battery also has a longer life of up to 4 hours.

Until now, Apple’s top models had two 12-megapixel cameras on the rear. In their new release Apple has added a third camera to both the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. With the third camera you can take neater photos and also capture more images. A third lens also provides for better zooming options. Each of the three cameras can record 4K video with a wide dynamic range and video stabilization. You can zoom with any of the three cameras. Audio Zoom ensures that the audio of the video also appears to zoom in.

The prices of the iPhone 11 pro and max comes – not unexpectedly – with a more hefty price tag.

· iPhone 11 Pro 64GB: € 1159
· iPhone 11 Pro 256GB: € 1329
· iPhone 11 Pro 512GB: € 1599
· iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB: € 1259
· iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB: € 1429
· iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB: € 1659

In general, these are the biggest changes with the new iPhone. A great new release to the iconic iPhone family. Having said that, Apple has many more great products, so take a look at our website for our latest offers and we are always there for questions!

iPhone XI or iPhone Pro?

The Day has finally come. Apple is going to reveal the long anticipated new iPhone. When everyone is still speculating on what the new features are going to be, the colours and the pricing, Apple’s CEO is already answering a few questions via twitter. But still much is open to guesswork as we are not even sure what the name of the iPhone is going to be. OMG we are so excited!

We can tell you about a few new features and specifications that have been confirmed. The new camera for example. Not only is it an amazing piece of design, but functionality wise Apple is once again exceeding expectations by adding three instead of two cameras on the back. That means your pictures will be sharper than ever. In the iPhone itself a lot of things have been upgraded and rumors have it the new iPhone will be available in a few more colours. As for the price, unconfirmed sources report it will be available for in and around € 1100 – a little bit more than an iPhone XS.

Well this is as much that we can tell you right now. But stay tuned – tomorrow we will come back with an update with all you need to know for the much anticipated launch of the iPhone 11!

12 Reasons We’ll Love the New iOS 12

Apple calls it the world’s most advanced mobile operating system — and no one is arguing. If you’ve got an iPad Air 1 or later, an iPad mini 2 or later, an iPhone 5s or later, or a sixth-generation iPod touch, you can update your iDevice when iOS 12 comes out. When iOS 12 releases, it will make both your iPhone and iPad experience faster, more responsive, and even more useful. Continue reading “12 Reasons We’ll Love the New iOS 12”