Corona and your order

Dear customer,

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we would like to make you aware that you may experience longer processing times and shipment delays. As we want to ensure your safety and well-being during these times, we have created safety guidelines to ensure your security during delivery. . Not only we, but also the  logistic companies that deliver our products are taking their precautions. You will find a list of our logistic partners below together with their temporary measures. Our webshop remains open as usual, and if you have any questions regarding your order and shipment you can reach us on: +31 (0)202149915 or

Signature without scanner

DPD has chosen not to request a signature for all deliveries. This means when a recipient has not received a Predict notification, the delivery person enters a code on the scanner and takes a photo of the front door with house number. Due to the combination of the code, photo and GPS location, there is sufficient proof of delivery.

Parcel pickup shop

Due to the measures taken by the government, the closing of catering establishments and in some countries retail, we are dealing with closed parcel pickup shops. The number of closings is still limited in the Netherlands. This applies in the following countries: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia. We advise you, if possible, to address as many packages as possible directly to the recipient. Check our website for the complete information, via

Of course we will follow this closely and in the next update we will explain how we deal with packages that are on their way to closed shops.

Overview status by country

Parcel delivery is still possible in all countries, but in some countries there are certain exceptions.

The following exceptions apply:


Postal codes where no delivery is possible: 6553, 6555, 6561, 6562, 6563, 6580, 9844. For the other zip code, address parcels directly to the recipient if possible.


Deliveries to business customers are only very limited. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient

Czech Republic

Postcodes where no delivery is possible: 78321, 78324, 78391, 78401


Possible delays due to border blocks of Luxembourg and Poland. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.


Saturday deliveries no longer applicable. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.


Package shipments possible, only delays can be caused by border controls. Expect delays to 1 to 2 days. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.


Possible delays due to Copenhagen airport not being accessible.


Possible delays due to border barriers in Austria

We will continue to keep you informed if there are new developments in the coronavirus and our services.

Coronavirus Prevention: The Ultimate Safety Tips to Practice for Your Mobile Devices!

Coronavirus Prevention: The Ultimate Safety Tips to Practice for your mobile devices!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has become one of the most life-threatening pandemics we have faced. With its arrival, the need to keep a safe and clean environment at home and work is more than essential. As per the World Health Organization, the most effective way to stay protected against the coronavirus is to isolate ourselves from others, whilst keeping the hygiene optimal.

To shed some light on the subject, we answer some of the most relevant questions regarding the coronavirus pandemic and share the recommended precaution measures you can take in your work and private environment.

How do the COVID-19 spread?

According to experts, the coronavirus spreads from one person to the next, via direct physical contact or proximity. While the virus travels through the air, it can only be acquired by having contact with an infected individual or by interacting with objects contaminated by the pathogen.

How many people are affected by the coronavirus?

Currently, the coronavirus, which initially appeared in Wuhan, China, has been diagnosed in over 130 countries across the globe. To prevent it, most countries initiated a national lockdown, advising residents to self-isolate for as long as the threat exists.

Are there any recognizable coronavirus symptoms?

Unlike other types of flu, the coronavirus takes from two to fourteen days to show symptoms. Some of these can include fever, fatigue, short and shallow breathing, and dry coughing.

What are the safety measures to prevent it?

We already mentioned self-isolation, but with it, several other recommendations can also help control the coronavirus from spreading. Initially, the WHO recommended washing your hands frequently, for 20 seconds, using antibacterial and antiviral soap. Together with washing hands, you can also prevent exposure to the virus by avoiding contact with people. If you are still working, it is safest to keep from 1.5-2 meters of distance from coworkers and use gloves when working.

Should I Clean My Phone or Laptop before Using Them?

Yes, most definitely. The coronavirus tends to stick onto various types of surfaces, and unfortunately, that also includes your tech devices. As a matter of fact, studies suggest that tech devices contain 400 times more bacteria than the actual toilet seat, which certainly makes hygiene priority. You can keep your devices clean and safe-to-use by practicing the following cleaning methods:

·         Turn off the device completely. Next, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the screen from dust and scruffs.

·         Disinfect the surfaces by using a Clorox or Lysol wipe next. When wiping your device, avoid cleaning its portholes. Aside from Clorox or Lysol, any type of wipe that contains 70% alcohol will help you thoroughly clean your electronics.

·         Once the screen dries off, use a disposable (or washable) microfiber cloth to wipe the devices again, removing remaining germs in the process

·         After your device is cleaned, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before using it.

How to Keep Safe in General?

Aside from regularly cleaning your devices, you can also practice other precautionary measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19. These include:    

·         Self-isolate for a longer time, thus avoiding direct contact with people who might have the virus. This step is crucial to avoid spread of the virus and for viral activity to die down, as you are starving the virus of potential hosts.

·         Whenever you go to work or outside, always bring antibacterial liquid with you and clean hands several times during the day.

·         Instead of coughing in your palm, use a wipe or cough in your elbow.

·         Keep your workplace disinfected and clean all items you come into contact with.

·         Open the windows often and ventilate meeting rooms, conference halls, and other large-group spaces.

·         Keep your shopping list short and to the point. When shopping, be as quick and efficient as possible.

·         Vulnerable family members should stay in a separate room and be monitored by one other family member only.

·         Avoid public events and hanging out with more than three people at once.

 ·.  Avoid shaking hands or being in close proximity to other people. Greet and say thank you with a Namaste (press your palms together).

·         Whenever possible, use a credit card, instead of cash.

·         Use as little public transportation as possible during the lockdown.

·         When dining, always use a trey and disposable cutlery.

Controlling the coronavirus depends on ourselves and our awareness. Being conscious, careful and socially responsible is the only way to triumph over the coronavirus, so let’s be humane and healthy, and stick together in these times of need.  

6 Hottest Apps to Train Your Brain

It’s the Brain Awareness Day – drawing attention to our brain and nervous system. Whilst our brain is exercised daily, there are some excellent apps to help you boost your brain’s health even further.  Resourceful, dynamic and entertaining, brain-boosting apps keep your thoughts sharp and your cognitive skills strong. There are many intriguing brain-boosting apps out there, and they all serve different purposes. Some are designed to feed your brain new information and teach you how to memorise better. Others serve to keep your logic skills in shape, while also giving you a dose of entertainment.

And while you may have heard of Elevate, one of the most popular brain-boosting apps out there, there are so many other apps that are just as effective and creative. 

So, if you appreciate a good challenge, take your pick from the 6 best brain-stimulating apps, listed below. 

6. Lumosity

Lumosity is an app that has it all – from mind games to problem-solving puzzles to logic games and daily workouts. Designed in accordance with your Fit Test, the app works to empower both your critical thinking and rational doing. 

5. Peak

Proclaimed the best app of 2014, Peak offers up to 40 specialised games, designed with the assistance of renowned neuroscientists and game experts. Peak’s games target various aspects of the brain, including memory, mental vitality, attention, focus, language, emotional balance and creativity.

4. Memorado Brain Training

Brain boosting and mindfulness blend well together, and the Memorado Brain Training app proves it. The app features over 720 levels of difficulty in around 24 games that stimulate your concentration, logic, computing skills and memory. Did we also mention the app has its stress-free exercises? Because it does.

3. Happify

Need a greater emotional balance? Happify is just the app for you! Intelligent and targeting your soft spots, Happify is created to improve your overall emotional ripeness. As an app, it offers 60 ‘tracks’ or improvements to work on. Additionally, the app can help you deal with all sorts of triggers, such as stress, anxiety, success, negativity, and low self-confidence. And, it’s free to use!

2. Skillz

Abundant in a variety of game options, Skillz mainly focuses on enhancing your memory, improving your motoric and logic skills, and encouraging you to think quickly and accurately. All Skillz games feature various levels of difficulty that become more complex as you play.

1. Eidetic

Eidetic is a brain-boosting app that works slightly differently than most of its competitors. The app feeds you different information, whether a phone number or just plain facts. After learning the information, the app relies on repetition to have you memorise it. Plus, the brilliant thing about Eidetic is that it comes with lots of context and uses actual information to keep your memory edgy.  

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2030 Sustainable Development Goals: How buying refurbished sustains the circular economy

The UN adopted in 2015 a set of sustainable development goals aimed at promoting the welfare of our environment and its inhabitants. An extensive programme, it encompasses all life on Earth as well as our resources with a set of 17 goals. 

We at Friendly Mobiles are proud to be playing a small, yet important part of “Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”. 

Here is how buying refurbished products supports this important goal leading ultimately to a reduction in COemissions, sustainable consumption and ultimately a cleaner and safer environment.

Budget-friendly and Technically Optimised Products 

It’s not just about using a phone, but doing so in an eco-friendly manner. By buying a refurbished product you are not only reducing waste but also ensure products are used for longer whilst also profiting economically. This is mainly because refurbished products are by whole and large up to 70% cheaper than new, original products. 

Environmental Pollution

Did you know that using a brand new phone can increase pollution by a staggering 80%? To prevent this, Friendly Mobiles offer refurbished iPhones that not only favor energy consumption but your health as well! 

Refurbished Works Best

The production of new phones relies on the constant use of natural resources, especially metals such as iron, aluminium and even gold. Furthermore, rare Earth elements such as europium and yttrium are crucial to your iPhone, as they’re used in the phone’s battery as well as the screen. To prevent this mining process, Friendly Mobiles reconditions your favorite phones and repurposes old models for a safer use, all whilst ensuring they look and feel as good as new!


To contribute to the “Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensuring  sustainable consumption and production patterns”, Friendly Mobiles fully supports electronics’ recycling by reconditioning your favorite iPhones, iPads and MacBooks for a safer, more practical and healthier use! 

What are the Benefits of Buying Our Refurbished Products

· Never having to throw away your phone, but rather reselling it in order to protect the environment and your wellbeing. 

· Using a refurbished phone can help you prevent up to 80% of material waste, which means less usage of natural resources and more reinventing.

· Less transportation, as raw material doesn’t have to be sourced.

· Child-friendly products. Refurbished iPhones are not only fit for your budget, but they also protect your children from daily exposure to harmful pollution.

· It’s not just your household that benefits from sustainable consumption habits. By using our refurbished iPhones and Apple products you also contribute to creating a healthier environment at your workplace. Forget all about excessive and unnecessary box packaging and turn to conscious and thoughtful phone use!

· Lastly, by buying a refurbished product you are also supporting the circular economy and contribute to economic growth and creating new jobs.  

With Europe’s great initiative to rebrand technology in a beneficial, environment-boosting and cost-optimised manner, Friendly Mobiles takes on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through a whole new way of using technology.

Sustainability, refurbishing, and quality never looked so good!

10 Leading Apps that Will Dominate in 2020!

Get your iPhone XS ready for 2020 with some of the most popular apps the Apple store has to offer!

What is it that you are looking for in an app?

Whether it is socializing, reading, streaming your favorite shows and movies or simply keeping track of the latest news, here are the top 10 large-and-in-charge apps of 2020!    

1. Facebook

Perfect for communicating, shopping, promoting your business and sharing, Facebook has undoubtedly redefined the way we use apps. With 85% of users worldwide, the Facebook app is more than just a single social media platform. Suitable for designers, businessmen, local and international communities, Facebook comes prepared in 2020, offering a plethora of useful sister-apps, including Facebook Local, Buffer, Puffin FB and more!

2. Youtube

Documentaries, music videos, cooking shows, news, and tutorials on just about any topic…yes, Youtube is still the king of free video content! As one of the most engaging apps, Youtube keeps all your favorite video content in one place. Over the years, Youtube has slowly steered away from view-only models, and rivaling mogul streaming brands like Netflix and Amazon, it provides you with the option to stream and purchase your favorite movies!   

3. Whatsapp

More than just a chat-and-call app, WhatsApp is a leading, safe-to-use platform for sharing files, managing your business and worldwide communication. Incorporating end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp also has its own sister-app called WhatsApp Business, appropriate for small to medium-size enterprises. Exclusively business-friendly, the WhatsApp Business app enables supreme customer support, simplified business communication, and a practical notification system.   

4. Uber Eats

In 2020, Uber has become one of those apps you can’t do without. Getting from A to B is one thing, but Uber has recently grown its services to food delivery as well. Thanks to its specifically designed Uber Eats app, you can browse nearby food places, order your favorite meals and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Nifty!

5. TripAdvisor

For all eager travellers out there, TripAdvisor is the ultimate platform to use! TripAdvisor, your personal all-in-one traveling app, uses user reviews to help you find both exclusive and affordable accommodation, organize sightseeing tours, and engage in all your favorite activities, local or international! In 2014TripAdvisor acquired  the Paris based company Lafourchette or the Fork, a great app that helps you find the best restaurant experience in Europe for any event, celebration or date night!   

6. The Outnet

A superb online retail therapy, anyone? With discounts reaching up to 75% and a rich store of all your favorite products, including outfits, footwear, and accessories, The Outnet facilitates your shopping experience, helps you find your favorite fashion brands, and revives your sense of style!  

7. Apple Books and Apple TV

For all of you book lovers out there, the Apple Books app comes prepared with all your favorite reads. The Apple Books app has an effective design, facilitated page-to-page and book-to-book navigation, and a plentitude of available audiobooks selected based on your preferences.

But, wait, that’s not all! 

Together with appreciating the power of a written word, Apple makes sure to deliver that visual impact, too! Tracing its own path toward streaming greatness, with the Apple TV app you can scroll through a catalog of movies, hot TV shows, and documentaries- anywhere, anytime and straight from your smartphone!  

8. Downcast

Downcast is an app that collects all Apple podcasts in a cleverly designed interface, featuring superb downloading options. With this app, you can maximize your listening experience, browse through all your favorite podcasts and customize your preferred podcast episodes.

9. Tikkie

Get your money back, but make it simple and effective. In collaboration with WhatsApp, Tikkie is a safe platform that gets you paid funds of all sorts. Your friends owe you money? Send a payment request via WhatsApp and get your cash on Tikkie, only using a phone number. As a bonus, the app doesn’t require an IBAN number or an existing balance, which makes it ideal for both personal and business transactions.   

10. LightRoom

If you are not a Photoshop expert, LightRoom comes to your rescue, offering easy-to-use photo editing options. Available for both IOS and Android, LightRoom unlocks a wide range of useful and simplified video and photo editing tools, suitable for both beginners and professionals.  

Gang’s All Here! But, What about Your iPhone XS?

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Be Friendly Day

Be Friendly day Today (February 17) is the Random Act of Kindness – in other words  

the day of friendliness. It’s the day to  lend someone your hand.  

Our motto at Friendly Mobiles is being friendly all the time – whether to our customers, our employees or to the environment. We would there like to inspire you to lend a helping hand. Here a some situations where – with a bit of mindfulness – you can show and offer your love, help and appreciation.  

Do you see an old lady having trouble crossing the street? Give her a hand and escort her safely.

You see trash on the floor outside? Throw it in the trash bin and help keeping the environment clean.

You see someone on the bus who could use a seat? Stand up give him or hers  yours..

You see a homeless person? Offer him something to eat of some change.

You see someone who can use some support? Be there – sometimes it is as simple as lending a listening ear or a shoulder to support.

Being friendly often doesn’t take a lot but is tremendously rewarding.

As a token of our appreciation we offer 10% on all our products! Just add the discount code FRIENDLY10 to your checkout!

A Valentine’s Day to Remember: What’s on Your Gift List?

What is the purpose of Valentine’s Day, if not celebrating it with the ones you love? Whether it is your sweetheart, parents, colleagues, or friends, Valentine’s Day always makes a great occasion to let love and romance step into your life!

From chocolate and romantic dinners to a nice bottle of wine and custom-made cards, there are plenty of ways to make your favorite people feel your love.

But, if you are looking for the perfect, tech-savvy Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone, look no further than FriendlyMobiles!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, FriendlyMobiles has prepared the ultimate personalized shopping for you! And, as celebrating the day of love should always come with a dash of pink, here are our favorite picks to help you say ‘I love you’ in all the right ways!

Paint It Pink: FriendlyMobiles’ Valentine’s Day Gift Selection

·         The iPhone 7 Rose gold 128GB – elegant, efficient and performing as new, the refurbished iPhone 7 Rose Gold is easily the best modern-day Valentine’s Day present! Available at a special holiday discount, at FriendlyMobiles you can purchase the smartphone for an unbeatable  €289!

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And what’s more – besides a whooping 23% discount, we will also throw in a delicious Fair Trade Côte Dor bar with every Valentine’s order. Make sure you don’t miss this incredible Super Deal!  

16in MacBook Pro Review: Apple’s Endless Power of Reinvention

It has been a long time coming, but Apple’s 16in MacBook Pro has finally arrived!  Considered a superb replacement for the 15in MacBook Pro, the 16 in MacBook Pro is all you can expect: bigger, better, faster, and stronger.

For the first time ever, Apple took notes from its plethora of professional users, thus creating a multi-purpose laptop  for power users.

Unlike its predecessors, the 16 MacBook Pro is a heavyweight,  featuring the biggest laptop battery to date and a brand new keyboard.  However, the 16in MacBook Pro is not exactly your everyday general user laptop. With prices starting at €2,699 and reaching up to €4,199 Apple has made it obvious that superb tech performance comes at a premium. 

According to the tech mogul, the 16in MacBook Pro is mainly intended for professional desktop use. In fact, some of its target customers include developers, sound engineers, video editors and related industrial branches in need of lasting device performance and power.     

Below, let’s take a look at the features that make the 16in MacBook Pro deserving of its reputation.  

Different, But Same

Implementing its first changes since 2016, Apple saved the laptop’s original design, whilst making relevant amends in thickness, heaviness, and size.

Compared to the 15in MacBook Pro, the new 16-inch machine is 8.6mm wider, 0,7mm thicker, 170g heavier and 5,2mm deeper. Furthermore, Apple effectively changed the keyboard by introducing various innovative mechanisms. It also features a six-speaker sounding system with updated speakers’ fronts as well as microphones.

All enhancements aside, the 16in MacBook pro still kept some of its strongest features, including the four Thunderbolt 3 ports, the headphone socket, and its recognizable trackpad.

Cutting-Edge Innovations

Looking into the 16in MacBook Pro, it is safe to say that Apple didn’t go for drastic changes, but valuable ones.

Aiming to simplify and amplify the user experience, the 16in MacBook Pro’s most notable changes put emphasis on the keyboard, screen, and battery.

·       A Super-Functional Keyboard

Apple’s latest ‘magic keyboard’ is taking a detour from its butterfly pattern, instead introducing a few effective modifications. The new keyboard has steadier and easily repairable keys, inverted T-arrangement direction arrows, and a separate Touch ID scanner. As demanded by leading developers, the 16in MacBook Pro reintroduces the ESC key at the top left corner, separated from the Touch Bar.    

·       A 16in Screen

Adding an inch for all the right reasons, the 16in MacBook Pro’s screen offers a higher resolution, adjustable lighting, and a far more sophisticated display. That said, the laptop’s display is neither HDR nor 4k, which can be problematic for some content users who rely on both.

·       A Long-Standing Battery

Leave it to Apple to compose the most refined laptop battery used in a MacBook! The 16in Pro boasts a 100Wh battery, marking a 20% increase from its lasting capacity from the standard 83.6Wh battery. Due to the laptop’s boost in size and weight, a larger battery was due, and here it is – offering customers up to nine hours of undisrupted use!

The Specifications

Screen: 16in LCD, 3072×1920 (226 PPI)

Processor: 9th gen. 6-core Intel Core i7 or 8-core Intel Core i9

RAM: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB

Storage: 512GB, 1, 2, 4 or 8TB

Graphics: Intel UHD 630 + AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or Radeon Pro 5500M

Operating system: macOS Catalina

Camera: 720p FaceTime HD camera

Connectivity: Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5, 4x USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, headphone socket

Dimensions: 245.9 x 357.9 x 16.2mm

Weight: 2kg

While not many, there are several cons to consider when buying a 16in MacBook pro. High cost aside, the 16in MacBook Pro, unfortunately, doesn’t include an SD card slot, legacy ports, user-serviceable RAM or storage, or Face ID for that matter. But, hey, that leaves Apple plenty of room for improvement in the future, right?

Nevertheless, if you are on the search for a laptop that gets the job done whenever, wherever and however you need it, the 16in MacBook Pro bounds to serve you well!

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Apps in 2020

Top 20 Apps That Will Rise and Shine In 2020!

Out with the old, in with the new!

In 2020, a brand new wave of iOS and Android-friendly apps is on its way and the list is looking delicious. Add more to your online experience and enrich your existing collection with some of the most recent, promising apps of the year.

From travel and food to dating and skill-boosting, here are the 20 new apps to try in 2020!

20. Yovo

Designed for iOS smartphones, Yovo makes a perfect app replacement for Snapchat. Much like the latter, Yovo also allows you to take second-long photos, insert text content and share them with your friends and family. Unlike Snapchat, however, Yovo makes a more simplified and safer app version, which doesn’t completely delete your photos but scrambles them. 

19. Meet Up

Finding the perfect event has never looked easier! Meetup is a brand new app that helps you find relevant events near you. Moreover, Meetup helps you find business and lifestyle communities, get in touch with them, and share your experiences together.

18. Tapebook

Social media is ever-changing and Tapebook is here to prove it. As a social networking app, Tapebook works solely through recording audio and video ‘tapes’. Tapebook might also be the safest app of its kind to use, as it presents strong privacy features, and offers an ad-free experience. Think podcasting, with the option of adding a visual to your content.

17. Veoh

Veoh is more than just your new favorite video app! Here, you can not only record unlimited videos, but you can also scroll through a catalog of films and TV shows to watch. Furthermore, the app serves as a great social network, where you can find friends who share your interests or join your favorite groups.  

16. Wire

Wire is likely the messaging app you never knew you needed! Breaking the boundaries of design and uniqueness, Wire is different from the remaining messaging apps. The app, developed by the founder of Skype, offers various perks, including timed messages, group video calls, link previews and safe deletion of private messages.

15. Postmates

If you were looking for the ultimate delivery service app, look no further than Postmates. So much more than just a food delivery app, Postmates actually offers delivery services of any kind…and we do mean any kind. One thing to keep in mind about this app is that it mainly works locally, and when it comes to food delivery, it doesn’t partner up with restaurants.

14. Lumi

Never chase the stories that matter to you again! Lumi, a clever mix between Tinder and Flipboard, is a personalized newsfeed app that uses Tinder’s swipe method to save or dismiss a particular story. In time, the app will get an idea of the content you like, ultimately presenting you with the most relevant local and international stories.

13. Serial Box

Reshaping the world of digital books, Serial Box has now become available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The exclusive app gives you a rich selection of text and audiobooks, all made shorter, episodic and therefore, more time-effective.

12. Noom

If you were looking for the most compatible proper-dieting app, Noom does your health goals justice. Using a psychology-inspired approach to recognize your nutritional habits, triggers and health-related thought process, Noom helps you become your better self- emotionally, physically and health-wise. 

11. Mastodon

A mash-up of servers, each hosting a particular audience is what Mastodon is about. Similar, yet so much more improved than Twitter, Mastodon connects you to any server that matches your requirements or skills. Whether you are a social activist, a tech geek or else, Mastodon will find just the right community for you. The best part about the app is that it operates under the TootCat code, meaning the platform is clear of sexism, racism, nationalism and related violations.

10. Pocket Casts

Another innovative podcast app is Pocket Casts. The app helps you manage your favorite podcasts, browse by categories, networks, and chars or play your favorite podcast episodes on demand. As a bonus, the app offers a few additional features, including up-next option, silence trimmer, playback, playback skipper and else.

9. Canva

Working on your graphic design skills in 2020? Let Canva help! Canva is a specifically designed app that enables you to create graphic design content in just a few minutes. The app includes a gallery of free stock photos to use, but you can also upload and transform your own images and illustrations.

8. GarageBand

An app designed by Apple, GarageBand transforms your phone into a recording studio! A sublime app for creating music, GarageBand is suitable for both beginners and professionals and lets you play with beats, mix music tracks just like a DJ, and do it all on-the-go!

7. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is the Brainiac of apps! Designed to perform complex mathematical tasks, present facts and various types of statistics, Wolfram Alpha gives you all scientific and related information you were looking for. Calculator, who? 

6. Marco Polo

Aptly named after the popular social game, Marco Polo lets you communicate with your friends, colleagues, and family through pre-recorded calls. If you don’t have time to wait for a group call, you can use the app to record a video and send it for your group to watch later.

5. Waze

Count on Google to come up with all the apps we never knew we needed! One such app is Waze, and it is all about providing accurate and current information on the weather, active police road patrols, potential road accidents, and traffic conditions.

4. ThinkDirty

This could be one of the most health-aware apps you need in your phone. ThinkDirty (and it’s not what you think!) is an app that lets you scan any product in your house and find out whether it contains toxins, chemicals or carcinogens. Just a heads-up, don’t be alarmed to learn just how unsafe the products we use daily can be.

3. 1Password

If you have never found a way to organize all your passwords in one place, 1Password is just the app for you! Managing all your existing passwords and helping you generate new ones, 1Password keeps you signed in where you need be, while also keeping all your data safe.

2. ScreenShop

Is shopping on a budget your passion? ScreenShop is the type of app that allows you to shop your favorite items at much lower prices. To use it, all you have to do is take a screenshot of the item you like and let the app find the most affordable and similar shopping options for you.

1. Duolingo

Want to learn new languages in 2020? Duolingo is a superb app that helps you to learn foreign languages by playing interactive games. The app is free to download and use, and enables learning on-the-go with its recently featured offline lessons.

Best apps for when feeling blue

Feeling the blues? We all get it, some days you just want to crawl under a blanket and mute the world for a while.

But, when push comes to shove, what do you do when feeling blue ?

Luckily, modern-day technology is lending a helping hand, offering a handful of useful apps able to set you right back on track.

From interactive and creative to educational and stimulating, here are 9 of the most effective apps to get you in a blues-free mood! 

1. Elevate

Elevate is an app designed to boost your professional and creative skills. The app is super-easy to use, and trains you to become your better self by playing over 35 different animation games, all adjusted to your particular abilities.

From learning math to improving your writing, listening and reading skills, Elevate turns traditional education into an invigorating experience that helps you track and compare your improvement.

2. MasterClass

By solely picking the brains of the most crafted masterminds of today like Garry Kasparow and Anna Wintour, MasterClass is an app like no other. Not quite an interactive, but a resourceful app, MasterClass teaches you how to grow both your business and yourself by putting theoretical knowledge to practice.

Intended for up-and-coming writers, promising musicians, striving actors, painters, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and more, MasterClass feeds you the essence of what it takes to become the chief of your own vocation.

3. Quora

If you have a specific question for a certain topic of interest, you have landed yourself in the right place. Think of Quora as your all-in-one platform for sharing information on almost any given topic.

Outlined as a social and educational forum, Quora nurtures quality knowledge and lets you ask questions, share opinions, and exchange experiences, all in a social media context.

4. Headspace

How much does it take to reshift your focus and start fresh? According to Headspace, just 10 minutes of mindfulness can do the trick. Structured to monitor and improve your daily habits, Headspace is one of the leading apps for building solid, healthy and lasting routines.

Also known as the ‘gym membership for your mind’, the science-based app helps you deal with daily distractions, stress, anxiety triggers and more – perfect for blue days.

5. Way of Life — Habit Tracker

Struggling to put your ducks in a row? No worries, Way of Life does the job for you!

As one of the best habit-building apps, Way of Life asks daily ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions, using your answers to help you create a healthy and organised lifestyle.

In essence, the app works as your personalissed journal, using habitual reminders and visual graphs to monitor your daily progress.

6. Bliss

A blissful experience, indeed!

If you are on the search for the next great app to help you build an emotionally healthier you, Bliss is here to help!

Designed as an assembly of psychological games, Bliss is an app that approaches the concept of positivity in a refreshing and brain-stimulating way.

So train your gray matters with Bliss, which gathers some of the most effective tools to lead you to self-improvement and personal growth.  

7. Lumosity

Hello, cognitive excellence!

Facilitating the lives of over 100 million users worldwide, Lumosity provides quality cognitive training in a distinguishing manner. The app’s training program is engaging and interactive, primarily focusing on pushing your brain towards whole new heights of intellectual performance.

In short, the app is an abundance of science-based games that aim to improve your memory, speed, motoric and problem-solving skills.

Although similar to the Elevate app, Lumosity offers more simple straightforward educational games including attention, memory and speed, whilst Elevate has more to offer on both math as well as reading, writing and speaking.  

8. Dplay

Available for smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV, Dplay is your main source of Discovery’s leading educational documentaries and shows.

With a goal of entertaining you, while also enriching your general knowledge, Dplay brings the best worldwide documentaries and series in one place. 

9. Netflix and Apple TV+

Lo and behold, here come the apps that need no special introduction!

As global streaming phenomena, Netflix and Apple TV+ represent a rich catalogue of series, travel documentaries, real-life experiences, movies, stand-up specials, series and other forms of storytelling. Whether you are traveling, getting cosy in front of the TV, or making the most of your lunch break, Netflix and Apple TV+ keep up with your pace, becoming your ultimate go-to stream service providers.

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