How do We Contribute?

Driven by the idea of introducing sustainability through recycling, FriendlyMobiles contributes to higher economic growth – the so-called circular economy – by reusing resources.

How is this idea put into practice?

By upholding a great responsibility towards its customers, staff, and stakeholders, FriendlyMobiles initiated a complex and multi-layered program.  

Ultimately designed to preserve the environment, the program guarantees to manufacture and refurbish devices by using exclusively recycled materials.

Are you along for the ride to a more sustainable, eco-friendly world?  

At FriendlyMobiles, we rely on fairness and sustainability in carrying out all steps of our programs, as follow:

1. Collection

2. Factory assembly

3. Testing

4. Guaranteed Quality Assurance

5. Packing & Shipment

6. Point of Sale

Through this step-by-step program, FriendlyMobiles enables the purchase of highly-durable, recycled, and sustainable appliances.

Initially, the consumer purchases a new device, often in exchange for their old one. The purchase and exchange process is conducted through several reliable collaboration sources, such as buy-back partners and insurance companies.

Next, the device is shipped for processing at a specialised factory located in the Philippines. There, the device undergoes various performance tests, where all its components and functionalities are analysed, retested, and, if necessary, repaired.   

Then, all 90+ device components and functionalities are additionally tested using our Quality Assurance tests and the renowned NSYSdiagnostic tool. It is also worth mentioning that we hold the lowest refurbished goods defective rates, of less than 3 percent, thus guaranteeing our consumers a fully operating recycled device in return.

Once tested and diagnosed, the device is safely packed and shipped to the customer.

Last but not least, FriendlyMobiles ensures ALL customers receive a sustainable, durable, and functional device that looks and works as brand new, and comes under a 2-year warranty period.

Let’s join forces, let’s love our planet, and let’s all contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world!

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a holiday in which we honor the fathers. On this day, we celebrate paternity and the crucial role of fathers in society. In the Netherlands it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Father’s day celebration was inspired by Mother’s day already in place.  from the previous Mother’s Day.


Father’s Day was conceived in 1909 by Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, of Washington State, to honor her father, William Jackson Smart. He was a U.S. Civil War veteran who became a widower after his wife died in childbirth at the birth of their sixth child. After growing up, his daughter wanted to showcase her father’s strength and perseverance. She was inspired for this by Anna Jarvis, who had conceived Mother’s Day a year earlier.


In several countries, Father’s Day is not celebrated on the third Sunday of June. For example, Belgium celebrates it on the second Sunday of June. Other countries view it religiously. In Germany and Switzerland, Father’s Day is celebrated on Ascension. On this day, Jesus went to heaven, back to his Father. The feast day of Saint Joseph is often also taken as Father’s Day. Saint Joseph was the nursing  father of Jesus. Countries that take this day celebrate Father’s Day on March 19. On Father’s Day, the father often receives breakfast in bed from his children.

5 tips for a great Father’s Day.

  1. Give your father a beautiful special gift.
  2. Make a nice breakfast in bed. (or maybe a high tea or lunch)
  3. Treat your father to a beautiful bunch of flowers.
  4. Come up with a fun activity to make memories.
  5. Arrange dinner so that your mother has an evening off.

Father’s Day action

Do you need a nice but also unique gift for Father’s Day? We help you to make Father’s Day even more special. For this we have special prices for you . A top deal that you don’t want to miss to put your father in the limelight even more.

International Nursing Day

On May 12, 2020 it is International Nursing Day. Worldwide, special attention is paid on this day to the work of nurses and caregivers in health care. Many healthcare institutions therefore often organize activities where the public can show their appreciation for nurses and carers but also the value of healthcare.

We at Friendly Mobiles want to also take this opportunity to say thank you to our nurses, doctors and healthcare providers who have played an instrumental role in keeping us safe during the COVID-19 epidemic.

So let’s look at this tradition and why this day is so important.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820. She was a British nurse, pioneer and founder of modern nursing. When in 1854 William Howard Russell told the correspondent of the English newspaper The Times, that there were inhumane conditions among the sick and wounded British Soldiers,  Florence Nightingale, a 34-year-old nurse, offered her services. The only purpose Florence had in her life was to nurse the sick and injured.

In the end, she achieved that the care of injured people improved tremendously, and this day was created to  celebrate  all caregivers and nurses.

Nursing Day

The day of nursing reminds people of the good work that healthcare professionals do, and with this day these essential workers are put in the limelight. It is an important tradition on the Day of Care / Nursing that employers in that sector, but also the public at large, give their health care providersa pat on the back to show that we have never come to regard their work as ‘normal’.


In this difficult time it is important that we have the greatest respect for our fellow people who work in healthcare institutions. Especially in this age of the coronavirus, we actually see how valuable and important the care staff is. That is why it is important that healthcare staff are given extra attention this year.

Respect for all healthcare personnel! Thank you all!

Mother’s day

Mother’s Day is celebrated throughout the Netherlands on the second Sunday of May. All mothers in the Netherlands are put in the limelight and receive a nice gift from their children to thank their mother for what said as a mother means.


The history of Mother’s Day has started in America. Anna Jarvis (1864 – 1948), from Philadelphia, was a single teacher who set up Mother’s Day in 1914. Anna’s mother and the mothers generally have spirited her to honor the mothers. When Anna died her mother in 1905 on the first Sunday in May, Anna decided to organize General Memorial Day of All Mothers there. 


Usually, the mothers become extra weathering on Mother’s Day. Think of gifts or beautiful drawings from their children or partner. As a result, mothers can expect breakfast in bed or flowers. Also, the chores that the mothers usually do (washing, ironing, or cooking) are taken over for a day by the rest of the family.

5 tips for a great Mother’s Day.

  1. Give your mother a beautiful special gift.
  2. Make a nice breakfast in bed. (or maybe a high tea or lunch)
  3. Treat your mother to a beautiful bunch of flowers.
  4. Come up with a fun activity to make memories.
  5. Arrange dinner so that your mother has an evening off.

Mother’s Day deal

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6 things you didn’t know about King’s Day

On April 27, 2020, the time has come again– everyone is getting ready to celebrate King’s Day in orange. It’s a national celebration where people of all ages come together participating in flea markets, festivals, parades, performances and other festivities.  As tradition is, the Royal Family also visits one of the municipalities with a central function on King’s Day. 

Unfortunately this year’s celebration cannot take place as we are used to, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and instead the festivities will be postponed to 2021. But of course this doesn’t stop us from celebrating at home or in our gardens. But before we delve into some alternative celebrations, let’s look at what King’s Day really is. 

 King’s Day (or Queen’s Day if the monarch is a queen) is a national holiday where  celebrations are held in honor of the king or queen of the time. This is done in many different ways. 

Did you know…

  1. Between 1885 and 1890, King’s Day was first a Princess’s Day, which was then replaced by Queen’s Day in 1891. In 2013, the last Queen’s Day was held and then replaced by King’s Day, which was celebrated the following year.
  2. The royal couple celebrates the festival in a different municipality every year.
  3. The tradition is to celebrate wearing something orange – the Dutch national colour.  
  4. There are various activities everywhere such as flea markets and festivals.
  5. The royal games are held everywhere. This is a sports day which every school organise. ,The  King’s Day concert is held for the king by various artists and bands.
  6. Finally the national anthem wilhelmus is sung and the king is toasted.

Although it has been the case so far every year, 2020 will be slightly different due to COVID-19 (the coronavirus) pandemic. The population has been asked to continue the measures of staying at home, including on King’s Day. Selling outside on the national flea market or going to a festival with your friends and / or family is thus not possible this year. A quiet celebration and a nice dinner with your family is a better option. Online events are being organised which you can tune in on via youtube and otherwise via television. And don’t forget on Monday 27 April at 4:00 PM the whole country will toast King Willem Alexander. 

Despite the somber mood we want to take the opportunity to offer you some great deals for this special day. A Prince and a King deal:

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Cheers to the King!

Ramadan 2020

The most important day of the year for the Islamic community will start from April 24, 2020. The holy month of Ramadan starts on April 24, 2020. This means that from sunrise to sunset, no food and drink is allowed. In addition, there are rules that should not be broken during fasting. The Muslim community also has a big party to celebrate after the holy month of Ramadan.


According to Islam, Ramadan was instituted by Mohammed. The month of fasting is related to the famous Laylat-al-Qadr, or the ‘Valuable Night’. This was the night when, according to tradition, Muhammad received the first Surah of the Quran from an angel. Mohammed entered the month of fasting/Ramadan.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar and one of the five obligatory pillars of Islam. Because the Islamic calendar is related to the lunar system, according to the Islamic calendar, a month lasts several days shorter than the solar year. This saves eleven days in a year. As a result, Ramadan alternately falls into another season, i.e. autumn, winter, spring or summer. According to Muslims, this change reflects the justice of Allah.

During the month of fasting, between sunrise and sunset, Muslims remember eating, drinking, recreational contacts and smoking. The purpose of this total abstinence is to achieve self-awareness. Specifically to focus on Allah, through prayers, such as the Taraweeh prayer, and reading the Quran, to think about (hungry or poor) people and to learn to appreciate the value of food.

Shut down

Ramadan is concluded with a three-day celebration, the so-called Eid-al-Fitr (literally: celebration for the return of breakfast), also known in Dutch as the Sugar Festival, Ramadan Festival or the Kleine Feest.

The Sugar Feast starts with a prayer in the mosque. After this, families gather and eat all kinds of sweets (hence the term sugar, which is also borrowed from Arabic) to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Men and women are wearing new clothes and presents are regularly distributed. Often during the Sugar Festival, a sermon by an imam is also listened to in a mosque or in a room.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, it will not be possible to celebrate a common sugar feast, which is prohibited by the rule of law of our people.

Apple launches new iPhone SE

They say if you wait for something good, you never wait long enough. Yesterday Apple announced they will (finally!) release the new iPhone that everyone has been speculating about. The new iPhone SE that Apple that will be launched imminently  looks a lot like the older model, but still is different. The iPhone is smaller and has a 4,7 LCD screen with 64 GB memory and that for only €489,-.

The iPhone SE is made of aluminium and finished with glass on the backside like the iphone 8. The device comes with  the A13 Bionic-soc, this is the same soc that Apple also uses in the iPhone 11 series. The device is water resistant for a depth of one meter  for 30 minutes.

As with the previous iphone models, you will find different versions ranging from 64GB, to 256GB. The iPhone has a 4.7 inch retina HD LCD screen, making this iPhone rather unique. This iPhone also has a Qi wireless charging function.

The battery supports fast charging with 18W, which equates to fifty percent charge in thirty minutes. Apple does not yet disclose what the battery capacity of the improved iPhone SE actually is. However, you can assume that you could compare this with the iPhone 8.

This new improved iPhone SE is actually the same as we are used to from the 2014/2017 version. Think of the Touch ID instead of the face recognition and the Home button is certainly not missing. Actually, the new SE replaces the iPhone 8 from 2017.

You can also easily use this iPhone for a while as this new 4G phone also has the latest A13 Bionic chip. This is almost the same as the one in, for example, the iPhone 11. 

The new iPhone  starts from 64 GB of storage going all the way up to 128 GB and 256 GB. And here comes the best part: the new Apple smartphone is available in three super cool cours: black, white and red. The new and improved iPhone SE has a lot from the iPhone 8, and you can order it starting this Friday 14:00 CET and as of April 24th, the phone is also available in Apple stores. 

Eyes Open, Tech Fanatics: Apple to Launch the iPhone 9!

What was once an idea is soon to become a reality, as Apple gets ready to launch its brand new iPhone model, the iPhone 9! Rumor has it, the latest iPhone model will hit the markets sometime in later in April. The iPhone 9 has been a long-due project for the tech mogul and after some delays, is still scheduled for release later this month. 

Interestingly enough, there is also the anticipated talk of Apple launching the brand newiPhone SE 2. Although still unclear, some sources believe that the iPhone SE 2 will actually be presented as the iPhone 9, whereas others speculate that Apple could, indeed, release two separate phones.  

As you know, the first iPhone SE was initially released in 2016 along with the launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Back then and even now, the model remains quite popular, mostly due to its four-inch touchscreen, which makes the design compact and practical, especially when compared to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

Another reason why we are so looking forward to the launch of the iPhone SE 2 is cost versus performance. The iPhone 9 is not just a high-performing device, but also comes at a very reasonable price. As you can guess, this makes the device quite popular among Apple users.

So, we like to think of it as the universal iPhone favorite.   

Can We Get Into the Specifics?  

Of course, there were many speculations about the iPhone SE, among which was the talk of an edge-to-edge display. But, even performance-wise, Apple decided to derail from its known pattern and has other plans for the device. Namely, the new iPhone SE 2 will use a fingerprint ID scanner and will include authenticated security Apple apps, such as mobile banking. From what we’ve heard, the phone is also rumored to include 64GB of in-built storage, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, as well as Lightning connector. In addition, the phone will likely come with accelerometer-boosted sensors, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and compass.

In terms of price, we heard it through the grapevine that it should reach somewhere around $399, which makes an excellent value for your money.

What about the Coronavirus Concerns?

Despite pushing for release, things are becoming complicated for Apple, as a result of the recent coronavirus outbreak. According to whispers, the magnitude of the coronavirus could actually reduce Apple’s sales. Sadly, this also means that Apple might postpone the mass production of the iPhone 9. Initially, Apple announced it would present the iPhone SE 2 by the end of March, and launch it on the market, come April.  

However, now Apple might be forced to halt the launch given most factories in China are now closed due to a national emergency state. Naturally, that makes the increased

production of the iPhone SE 2 more difficult and demanding, but Apple is yet to release a statement on the matter.

So, don’t get your hopes up just yet, but also don’t lose any hope as April is well on its way, and a great product is always worth the wait!  

Corona and your order

Dear customer,

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we would like to make you aware that you may experience longer processing times and shipment delays. As we want to ensure your safety and well-being during these times, we have created safety guidelines to ensure your security during delivery. . Not only we, but also the  logistic companies that deliver our products are taking their precautions. You will find a list of our logistic partners below together with their temporary measures. Our webshop remains open as usual, and if you have any questions regarding your order and shipment you can reach us on: +31 (0)202149915 or

Signature without scanner

DPD has chosen not to request a signature for all deliveries. This means when a recipient has not received a Predict notification, the delivery person enters a code on the scanner and takes a photo of the front door with house number. Due to the combination of the code, photo and GPS location, there is sufficient proof of delivery.

Parcel pickup shop

Due to the measures taken by the government, the closing of catering establishments and in some countries retail, we are dealing with closed parcel pickup shops. The number of closings is still limited in the Netherlands. This applies in the following countries: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia. We advise you, if possible, to address as many packages as possible directly to the recipient. Check our website for the complete information, via

Of course we will follow this closely and in the next update we will explain how we deal with packages that are on their way to closed shops.

Overview status by country

Parcel delivery is still possible in all countries, but in some countries there are certain exceptions.

The following exceptions apply:


Postal codes where no delivery is possible: 6553, 6555, 6561, 6562, 6563, 6580, 9844. For the other zip code, address parcels directly to the recipient if possible.


Deliveries to business customers are only very limited. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient

Czech Republic

Postcodes where no delivery is possible: 78321, 78324, 78391, 78401


Possible delays due to border blocks of Luxembourg and Poland. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.


Saturday deliveries no longer applicable. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.


Package shipments possible, only delays can be caused by border controls. Expect delays to 1 to 2 days. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.


Possible delays due to Copenhagen airport not being accessible.


Possible delays due to border barriers in Austria

We will continue to keep you informed if there are new developments in the coronavirus and our services.

Coronavirus Prevention: The Ultimate Safety Tips to Practice for Your Mobile Devices!

Coronavirus Prevention: The Ultimate Safety Tips to Practice for your mobile devices!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has become one of the most life-threatening pandemics we have faced. With its arrival, the need to keep a safe and clean environment at home and work is more than essential. As per the World Health Organization, the most effective way to stay protected against the coronavirus is to isolate ourselves from others, whilst keeping the hygiene optimal.

To shed some light on the subject, we answer some of the most relevant questions regarding the coronavirus pandemic and share the recommended precaution measures you can take in your work and private environment.

How do the COVID-19 spread?

According to experts, the coronavirus spreads from one person to the next, via direct physical contact or proximity. While the virus travels through the air, it can only be acquired by having contact with an infected individual or by interacting with objects contaminated by the pathogen.

How many people are affected by the coronavirus?

Currently, the coronavirus, which initially appeared in Wuhan, China, has been diagnosed in over 130 countries across the globe. To prevent it, most countries initiated a national lockdown, advising residents to self-isolate for as long as the threat exists.

Are there any recognizable coronavirus symptoms?

Unlike other types of flu, the coronavirus takes from two to fourteen days to show symptoms. Some of these can include fever, fatigue, short and shallow breathing, and dry coughing.

What are the safety measures to prevent it?

We already mentioned self-isolation, but with it, several other recommendations can also help control the coronavirus from spreading. Initially, the WHO recommended washing your hands frequently, for 20 seconds, using antibacterial and antiviral soap. Together with washing hands, you can also prevent exposure to the virus by avoiding contact with people. If you are still working, it is safest to keep from 1.5-2 meters of distance from coworkers and use gloves when working.

Should I Clean My Phone or Laptop before Using Them?

Yes, most definitely. The coronavirus tends to stick onto various types of surfaces, and unfortunately, that also includes your tech devices. As a matter of fact, studies suggest that tech devices contain 400 times more bacteria than the actual toilet seat, which certainly makes hygiene priority. You can keep your devices clean and safe-to-use by practicing the following cleaning methods:

·         Turn off the device completely. Next, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the screen from dust and scruffs.

·         Disinfect the surfaces by using a Clorox or Lysol wipe next. When wiping your device, avoid cleaning its portholes. Aside from Clorox or Lysol, any type of wipe that contains 70% alcohol will help you thoroughly clean your electronics.

·         Once the screen dries off, use a disposable (or washable) microfiber cloth to wipe the devices again, removing remaining germs in the process

·         After your device is cleaned, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before using it.

How to Keep Safe in General?

Aside from regularly cleaning your devices, you can also practice other precautionary measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19. These include:    

·         Self-isolate for a longer time, thus avoiding direct contact with people who might have the virus. This step is crucial to avoid spread of the virus and for viral activity to die down, as you are starving the virus of potential hosts.

·         Whenever you go to work or outside, always bring antibacterial liquid with you and clean hands several times during the day.

·         Instead of coughing in your palm, use a wipe or cough in your elbow.

·         Keep your workplace disinfected and clean all items you come into contact with.

·         Open the windows often and ventilate meeting rooms, conference halls, and other large-group spaces.

·         Keep your shopping list short and to the point. When shopping, be as quick and efficient as possible.

·         Vulnerable family members should stay in a separate room and be monitored by one other family member only.

·         Avoid public events and hanging out with more than three people at once.

 ·.  Avoid shaking hands or being in close proximity to other people. Greet and say thank you with a Namaste (press your palms together).

·         Whenever possible, use a credit card, instead of cash.

·         Use as little public transportation as possible during the lockdown.

·         When dining, always use a trey and disposable cutlery.

Controlling the coronavirus depends on ourselves and our awareness. Being conscious, careful and socially responsible is the only way to triumph over the coronavirus, so let’s be humane and healthy, and stick together in these times of need.