How do We Contribute?

Driven by the idea of introducing sustainability through recycling, FriendlyMobiles contributes to higher economic growth – the so-called circular economy – by reusing resources.

How is this idea put into practice?

By upholding a great responsibility towards its customers, staff, and stakeholders, FriendlyMobiles initiated a complex and multi-layered program.  

Ultimately designed to preserve the environment, the program guarantees to manufacture and refurbish devices by using exclusively recycled materials.

Are you along for the ride to a more sustainable, eco-friendly world?  

At FriendlyMobiles, we rely on fairness and sustainability in carrying out all steps of our programs, as follow:

1. Collection

2. Factory assembly

3. Testing

4. Guaranteed Quality Assurance

5. Packing & Shipment

6. Point of Sale

Through this step-by-step program, FriendlyMobiles enables the purchase of highly-durable, recycled, and sustainable appliances.

Initially, the consumer purchases a new device, often in exchange for their old one. The purchase and exchange process is conducted through several reliable collaboration sources, such as buy-back partners and insurance companies.

Next, the device is shipped for processing at a specialised factory located in the Philippines. There, the device undergoes various performance tests, where all its components and functionalities are analysed, retested, and, if necessary, repaired.   

Then, all 90+ device components and functionalities are additionally tested using our Quality Assurance tests and the renowned NSYSdiagnostic tool. It is also worth mentioning that we hold the lowest refurbished goods defective rates, of less than 3 percent, thus guaranteeing our consumers a fully operating recycled device in return.

Once tested and diagnosed, the device is safely packed and shipped to the customer.

Last but not least, FriendlyMobiles ensures ALL customers receive a sustainable, durable, and functional device that looks and works as brand new, and comes under a 2-year warranty period.

Let’s join forces, let’s love our planet, and let’s all contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world!