Mother’s day

Mother’s Day is celebrated throughout the Netherlands on the second Sunday of May. All mothers in the Netherlands are put in the limelight and receive a nice gift from their children to thank their mother for what said as a mother means.


The history of Mother’s Day has started in America. Anna Jarvis (1864 – 1948), from Philadelphia, was a single teacher who set up Mother’s Day in 1914. Anna’s mother and the mothers generally have spirited her to honor the mothers. When Anna died her mother in 1905 on the first Sunday in May, Anna decided to organize General Memorial Day of All Mothers there. 


Usually, the mothers become extra weathering on Mother’s Day. Think of gifts or beautiful drawings from their children or partner. As a result, mothers can expect breakfast in bed or flowers. Also, the chores that the mothers usually do (washing, ironing, or cooking) are taken over for a day by the rest of the family.

5 tips for a great Mother’s Day.

  1. Give your mother a beautiful special gift.
  2. Make a nice breakfast in bed. (or maybe a high tea or lunch)
  3. Treat your mother to a beautiful bunch of flowers.
  4. Come up with a fun activity to make memories.
  5. Arrange dinner so that your mother has an evening off.

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