6 things you didn’t know about King’s Day

On April 27, 2020, the time has come again– everyone is getting ready to celebrate King’s Day in orange. It’s a national celebration where people of all ages come together participating in flea markets, festivals, parades, performances and other festivities.  As tradition is, the Royal Family also visits one of the municipalities with a central function on King’s Day. 

Unfortunately this year’s celebration cannot take place as we are used to, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and instead the festivities will be postponed to 2021. But of course this doesn’t stop us from celebrating at home or in our gardens. But before we delve into some alternative celebrations, let’s look at what King’s Day really is. 

 King’s Day (or Queen’s Day if the monarch is a queen) is a national holiday where  celebrations are held in honor of the king or queen of the time. This is done in many different ways. 

Did you know…

  1. Between 1885 and 1890, King’s Day was first a Princess’s Day, which was then replaced by Queen’s Day in 1891. In 2013, the last Queen’s Day was held and then replaced by King’s Day, which was celebrated the following year.
  2. The royal couple celebrates the festival in a different municipality every year.
  3. The tradition is to celebrate wearing something orange – the Dutch national colour.  
  4. There are various activities everywhere such as flea markets and festivals.
  5. The royal games are held everywhere. This is a sports day which every school organise. ,The  King’s Day concert is held for the king by various artists and bands.
  6. Finally the national anthem wilhelmus is sung and the king is toasted.

Although it has been the case so far every year, 2020 will be slightly different due to COVID-19 (the coronavirus) pandemic. The population has been asked to continue the measures of staying at home, including on King’s Day. Selling outside on the national flea market or going to a festival with your friends and / or family is thus not possible this year. A quiet celebration and a nice dinner with your family is a better option. Online events are being organised which you can tune in on via youtube and otherwise via television. And don’t forget on Monday 27 April at 4:00 PM the whole country will toast King Willem Alexander. 

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