Apple launches new iPhone SE

They say if you wait for something good, you never wait long enough. Yesterday Apple announced they will (finally!) release the new iPhone that everyone has been speculating about. The new iPhone SE that Apple that will be launched imminently  looks a lot like the older model, but still is different. The iPhone is smaller and has a 4,7 LCD screen with 64 GB memory and that for only €489,-.

The iPhone SE is made of aluminium and finished with glass on the backside like the iphone 8. The device comes with  the A13 Bionic-soc, this is the same soc that Apple also uses in the iPhone 11 series. The device is water resistant for a depth of one meter  for 30 minutes.

As with the previous iphone models, you will find different versions ranging from 64GB, to 256GB. The iPhone has a 4.7 inch retina HD LCD screen, making this iPhone rather unique. This iPhone also has a Qi wireless charging function.

The battery supports fast charging with 18W, which equates to fifty percent charge in thirty minutes. Apple does not yet disclose what the battery capacity of the improved iPhone SE actually is. However, you can assume that you could compare this with the iPhone 8.

This new improved iPhone SE is actually the same as we are used to from the 2014/2017 version. Think of the Touch ID instead of the face recognition and the Home button is certainly not missing. Actually, the new SE replaces the iPhone 8 from 2017.

You can also easily use this iPhone for a while as this new 4G phone also has the latest A13 Bionic chip. This is almost the same as the one in, for example, the iPhone 11. 

The new iPhone  starts from 64 GB of storage going all the way up to 128 GB and 256 GB. And here comes the best part: the new Apple smartphone is available in three super cool cours: black, white and red. The new and improved iPhone SE has a lot from the iPhone 8, and you can order it starting this Friday 14:00 CET and as of April 24th, the phone is also available in Apple stores.