Coronavirus Prevention: The Ultimate Safety Tips to Practice for Your Mobile Devices!

Coronavirus Prevention: The Ultimate Safety Tips to Practice for your mobile devices!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has become one of the most life-threatening pandemics we have faced. With its arrival, the need to keep a safe and clean environment at home and work is more than essential. As per the World Health Organization, the most effective way to stay protected against the coronavirus is to isolate ourselves from others, whilst keeping the hygiene optimal.

To shed some light on the subject, we answer some of the most relevant questions regarding the coronavirus pandemic and share the recommended precaution measures you can take in your work and private environment.

How do the COVID-19 spread?

According to experts, the coronavirus spreads from one person to the next, via direct physical contact or proximity. While the virus travels through the air, it can only be acquired by having contact with an infected individual or by interacting with objects contaminated by the pathogen.

How many people are affected by the coronavirus?

Currently, the coronavirus, which initially appeared in Wuhan, China, has been diagnosed in over 130 countries across the globe. To prevent it, most countries initiated a national lockdown, advising residents to self-isolate for as long as the threat exists.

Are there any recognizable coronavirus symptoms?

Unlike other types of flu, the coronavirus takes from two to fourteen days to show symptoms. Some of these can include fever, fatigue, short and shallow breathing, and dry coughing.

What are the safety measures to prevent it?

We already mentioned self-isolation, but with it, several other recommendations can also help control the coronavirus from spreading. Initially, the WHO recommended washing your hands frequently, for 20 seconds, using antibacterial and antiviral soap. Together with washing hands, you can also prevent exposure to the virus by avoiding contact with people. If you are still working, it is safest to keep from 1.5-2 meters of distance from coworkers and use gloves when working.

Should I Clean My Phone or Laptop before Using Them?

Yes, most definitely. The coronavirus tends to stick onto various types of surfaces, and unfortunately, that also includes your tech devices. As a matter of fact, studies suggest that tech devices contain 400 times more bacteria than the actual toilet seat, which certainly makes hygiene priority. You can keep your devices clean and safe-to-use by practicing the following cleaning methods:

·         Turn off the device completely. Next, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the screen from dust and scruffs.

·         Disinfect the surfaces by using a Clorox or Lysol wipe next. When wiping your device, avoid cleaning its portholes. Aside from Clorox or Lysol, any type of wipe that contains 70% alcohol will help you thoroughly clean your electronics.

·         Once the screen dries off, use a disposable (or washable) microfiber cloth to wipe the devices again, removing remaining germs in the process

·         After your device is cleaned, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before using it.

How to Keep Safe in General?

Aside from regularly cleaning your devices, you can also practice other precautionary measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19. These include:    

·         Self-isolate for a longer time, thus avoiding direct contact with people who might have the virus. This step is crucial to avoid spread of the virus and for viral activity to die down, as you are starving the virus of potential hosts.

·         Whenever you go to work or outside, always bring antibacterial liquid with you and clean hands several times during the day.

·         Instead of coughing in your palm, use a wipe or cough in your elbow.

·         Keep your workplace disinfected and clean all items you come into contact with.

·         Open the windows often and ventilate meeting rooms, conference halls, and other large-group spaces.

·         Keep your shopping list short and to the point. When shopping, be as quick and efficient as possible.

·         Vulnerable family members should stay in a separate room and be monitored by one other family member only.

·         Avoid public events and hanging out with more than three people at once.

 ·.  Avoid shaking hands or being in close proximity to other people. Greet and say thank you with a Namaste (press your palms together).

·         Whenever possible, use a credit card, instead of cash.

·         Use as little public transportation as possible during the lockdown.

·         When dining, always use a trey and disposable cutlery.

Controlling the coronavirus depends on ourselves and our awareness. Being conscious, careful and socially responsible is the only way to triumph over the coronavirus, so let’s be humane and healthy, and stick together in these times of need.