6 Hottest Apps to Train Your Brain

It’s the Brain Awareness Day – drawing attention to our brain and nervous system. Whilst our brain is exercised daily, there are some excellent apps to help you boost your brain’s health even further.  Resourceful, dynamic and entertaining, brain-boosting apps keep your thoughts sharp and your cognitive skills strong. There are many intriguing brain-boosting apps out there, and they all serve different purposes. Some are designed to feed your brain new information and teach you how to memorise better. Others serve to keep your logic skills in shape, while also giving you a dose of entertainment.

And while you may have heard of Elevate, one of the most popular brain-boosting apps out there, there are so many other apps that are just as effective and creative. 

So, if you appreciate a good challenge, take your pick from the 6 best brain-stimulating apps, listed below. 

6. Lumosity

Lumosity is an app that has it all – from mind games to problem-solving puzzles to logic games and daily workouts. Designed in accordance with your Fit Test, the app works to empower both your critical thinking and rational doing. 

5. Peak

Proclaimed the best app of 2014, Peak offers up to 40 specialised games, designed with the assistance of renowned neuroscientists and game experts. Peak’s games target various aspects of the brain, including memory, mental vitality, attention, focus, language, emotional balance and creativity.

4. Memorado Brain Training

Brain boosting and mindfulness blend well together, and the Memorado Brain Training app proves it. The app features over 720 levels of difficulty in around 24 games that stimulate your concentration, logic, computing skills and memory. Did we also mention the app has its stress-free exercises? Because it does.

3. Happify

Need a greater emotional balance? Happify is just the app for you! Intelligent and targeting your soft spots, Happify is created to improve your overall emotional ripeness. As an app, it offers 60 ‘tracks’ or improvements to work on. Additionally, the app can help you deal with all sorts of triggers, such as stress, anxiety, success, negativity, and low self-confidence. And, it’s free to use!

2. Skillz

Abundant in a variety of game options, Skillz mainly focuses on enhancing your memory, improving your motoric and logic skills, and encouraging you to think quickly and accurately. All Skillz games feature various levels of difficulty that become more complex as you play.

1. Eidetic

Eidetic is a brain-boosting app that works slightly differently than most of its competitors. The app feeds you different information, whether a phone number or just plain facts. After learning the information, the app relies on repetition to have you memorise it. Plus, the brilliant thing about Eidetic is that it comes with lots of context and uses actual information to keep your memory edgy.  

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