2030 Sustainable Development Goals: How buying refurbished sustains the circular economy

The UN adopted in 2015 a set of sustainable development goals aimed at promoting the welfare of our environment and its inhabitants. An extensive programme, it encompasses all life on Earth as well as our resources with a set of 17 goals. 

We at Friendly Mobiles are proud to be playing a small, yet important part of “Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”. 

Here is how buying refurbished products supports this important goal leading ultimately to a reduction in COemissions, sustainable consumption and ultimately a cleaner and safer environment.

Budget-friendly and Technically Optimised Products 

It’s not just about using a phone, but doing so in an eco-friendly manner. By buying a refurbished product you are not only reducing waste but also ensure products are used for longer whilst also profiting economically. This is mainly because refurbished products are by whole and large up to 70% cheaper than new, original products. 

Environmental Pollution

Did you know that using a brand new phone can increase pollution by a staggering 80%? To prevent this, Friendly Mobiles offer refurbished iPhones that not only favor energy consumption but your health as well! 

Refurbished Works Best

The production of new phones relies on the constant use of natural resources, especially metals such as iron, aluminium and even gold. Furthermore, rare Earth elements such as europium and yttrium are crucial to your iPhone, as they’re used in the phone’s battery as well as the screen. To prevent this mining process, Friendly Mobiles reconditions your favorite phones and repurposes old models for a safer use, all whilst ensuring they look and feel as good as new!


To contribute to the “Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensuring  sustainable consumption and production patterns”, Friendly Mobiles fully supports electronics’ recycling by reconditioning your favorite iPhones, iPads and MacBooks for a safer, more practical and healthier use! 

What are the Benefits of Buying Our Refurbished Products

· Never having to throw away your phone, but rather reselling it in order to protect the environment and your wellbeing. 

· Using a refurbished phone can help you prevent up to 80% of material waste, which means less usage of natural resources and more reinventing.

· Less transportation, as raw material doesn’t have to be sourced.

· Child-friendly products. Refurbished iPhones are not only fit for your budget, but they also protect your children from daily exposure to harmful pollution.

· It’s not just your household that benefits from sustainable consumption habits. By using our refurbished iPhones and Apple products you also contribute to creating a healthier environment at your workplace. Forget all about excessive and unnecessary box packaging and turn to conscious and thoughtful phone use!

· Lastly, by buying a refurbished product you are also supporting the circular economy and contribute to economic growth and creating new jobs.  

With Europe’s great initiative to rebrand technology in a beneficial, environment-boosting and cost-optimised manner, Friendly Mobiles takes on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through a whole new way of using technology.

Sustainability, refurbishing, and quality never looked so good!