10 Leading Apps that Will Dominate in 2020!

Get your iPhone XS ready for 2020 with some of the most popular apps the Apple store has to offer!

What is it that you are looking for in an app?

Whether it is socializing, reading, streaming your favorite shows and movies or simply keeping track of the latest news, here are the top 10 large-and-in-charge apps of 2020!    

1. Facebook

Perfect for communicating, shopping, promoting your business and sharing, Facebook has undoubtedly redefined the way we use apps. With 85% of users worldwide, the Facebook app is more than just a single social media platform. Suitable for designers, businessmen, local and international communities, Facebook comes prepared in 2020, offering a plethora of useful sister-apps, including Facebook Local, Buffer, Puffin FB and more!

2. Youtube

Documentaries, music videos, cooking shows, news, and tutorials on just about any topic…yes, Youtube is still the king of free video content! As one of the most engaging apps, Youtube keeps all your favorite video content in one place. Over the years, Youtube has slowly steered away from view-only models, and rivaling mogul streaming brands like Netflix and Amazon, it provides you with the option to stream and purchase your favorite movies!   

3. Whatsapp

More than just a chat-and-call app, WhatsApp is a leading, safe-to-use platform for sharing files, managing your business and worldwide communication. Incorporating end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp also has its own sister-app called WhatsApp Business, appropriate for small to medium-size enterprises. Exclusively business-friendly, the WhatsApp Business app enables supreme customer support, simplified business communication, and a practical notification system.   

4. Uber Eats

In 2020, Uber has become one of those apps you can’t do without. Getting from A to B is one thing, but Uber has recently grown its services to food delivery as well. Thanks to its specifically designed Uber Eats app, you can browse nearby food places, order your favorite meals and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Nifty!

5. TripAdvisor

For all eager travellers out there, TripAdvisor is the ultimate platform to use! TripAdvisor, your personal all-in-one traveling app, uses user reviews to help you find both exclusive and affordable accommodation, organize sightseeing tours, and engage in all your favorite activities, local or international! In 2014TripAdvisor acquired  the Paris based company Lafourchette or the Fork, a great app that helps you find the best restaurant experience in Europe for any event, celebration or date night!   

6. The Outnet

A superb online retail therapy, anyone? With discounts reaching up to 75% and a rich store of all your favorite products, including outfits, footwear, and accessories, The Outnet facilitates your shopping experience, helps you find your favorite fashion brands, and revives your sense of style!  

7. Apple Books and Apple TV

For all of you book lovers out there, the Apple Books app comes prepared with all your favorite reads. The Apple Books app has an effective design, facilitated page-to-page and book-to-book navigation, and a plentitude of available audiobooks selected based on your preferences.

But, wait, that’s not all! 

Together with appreciating the power of a written word, Apple makes sure to deliver that visual impact, too! Tracing its own path toward streaming greatness, with the Apple TV app you can scroll through a catalog of movies, hot TV shows, and documentaries- anywhere, anytime and straight from your smartphone!  

8. Downcast

Downcast is an app that collects all Apple podcasts in a cleverly designed interface, featuring superb downloading options. With this app, you can maximize your listening experience, browse through all your favorite podcasts and customize your preferred podcast episodes.

9. Tikkie

Get your money back, but make it simple and effective. In collaboration with WhatsApp, Tikkie is a safe platform that gets you paid funds of all sorts. Your friends owe you money? Send a payment request via WhatsApp and get your cash on Tikkie, only using a phone number. As a bonus, the app doesn’t require an IBAN number or an existing balance, which makes it ideal for both personal and business transactions.   

10. LightRoom

If you are not a Photoshop expert, LightRoom comes to your rescue, offering easy-to-use photo editing options. Available for both IOS and Android, LightRoom unlocks a wide range of useful and simplified video and photo editing tools, suitable for both beginners and professionals.  

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