16in MacBook Pro Review: Apple’s Endless Power of Reinvention

It has been a long time coming, but Apple’s 16in MacBook Pro has finally arrived!  Considered a superb replacement for the 15in MacBook Pro, the 16 in MacBook Pro is all you can expect: bigger, better, faster, and stronger.

For the first time ever, Apple took notes from its plethora of professional users, thus creating a multi-purpose laptop  for power users.

Unlike its predecessors, the 16 MacBook Pro is a heavyweight,  featuring the biggest laptop battery to date and a brand new keyboard.  However, the 16in MacBook Pro is not exactly your everyday general user laptop. With prices starting at €2,699 and reaching up to €4,199 Apple has made it obvious that superb tech performance comes at a premium. 

According to the tech mogul, the 16in MacBook Pro is mainly intended for professional desktop use. In fact, some of its target customers include developers, sound engineers, video editors and related industrial branches in need of lasting device performance and power.     

Below, let’s take a look at the features that make the 16in MacBook Pro deserving of its reputation.  

Different, But Same

Implementing its first changes since 2016, Apple saved the laptop’s original design, whilst making relevant amends in thickness, heaviness, and size.

Compared to the 15in MacBook Pro, the new 16-inch machine is 8.6mm wider, 0,7mm thicker, 170g heavier and 5,2mm deeper. Furthermore, Apple effectively changed the keyboard by introducing various innovative mechanisms. It also features a six-speaker sounding system with updated speakers’ fronts as well as microphones.

All enhancements aside, the 16in MacBook pro still kept some of its strongest features, including the four Thunderbolt 3 ports, the headphone socket, and its recognizable trackpad.

Cutting-Edge Innovations

Looking into the 16in MacBook Pro, it is safe to say that Apple didn’t go for drastic changes, but valuable ones.

Aiming to simplify and amplify the user experience, the 16in MacBook Pro’s most notable changes put emphasis on the keyboard, screen, and battery.

·       A Super-Functional Keyboard

Apple’s latest ‘magic keyboard’ is taking a detour from its butterfly pattern, instead introducing a few effective modifications. The new keyboard has steadier and easily repairable keys, inverted T-arrangement direction arrows, and a separate Touch ID scanner. As demanded by leading developers, the 16in MacBook Pro reintroduces the ESC key at the top left corner, separated from the Touch Bar.    

·       A 16in Screen

Adding an inch for all the right reasons, the 16in MacBook Pro’s screen offers a higher resolution, adjustable lighting, and a far more sophisticated display. That said, the laptop’s display is neither HDR nor 4k, which can be problematic for some content users who rely on both.

·       A Long-Standing Battery

Leave it to Apple to compose the most refined laptop battery used in a MacBook! The 16in Pro boasts a 100Wh battery, marking a 20% increase from its lasting capacity from the standard 83.6Wh battery. Due to the laptop’s boost in size and weight, a larger battery was due, and here it is – offering customers up to nine hours of undisrupted use!

The Specifications

Screen: 16in LCD, 3072×1920 (226 PPI)

Processor: 9th gen. 6-core Intel Core i7 or 8-core Intel Core i9

RAM: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB

Storage: 512GB, 1, 2, 4 or 8TB

Graphics: Intel UHD 630 + AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or Radeon Pro 5500M

Operating system: macOS Catalina

Camera: 720p FaceTime HD camera

Connectivity: Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5, 4x USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, headphone socket

Dimensions: 245.9 x 357.9 x 16.2mm

Weight: 2kg

While not many, there are several cons to consider when buying a 16in MacBook pro. High cost aside, the 16in MacBook Pro, unfortunately, doesn’t include an SD card slot, legacy ports, user-serviceable RAM or storage, or Face ID for that matter. But, hey, that leaves Apple plenty of room for improvement in the future, right?

Nevertheless, if you are on the search for a laptop that gets the job done whenever, wherever and however you need it, the 16in MacBook Pro bounds to serve you well!