The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Apps in 2020

Top 20 Apps That Will Rise and Shine In 2020!

Out with the old, in with the new!

In 2020, a brand new wave of iOS and Android-friendly apps is on its way and the list is looking delicious. Add more to your online experience and enrich your existing collection with some of the most recent, promising apps of the year.

From travel and food to dating and skill-boosting, here are the 20 new apps to try in 2020!

20. Yovo

Designed for iOS smartphones, Yovo makes a perfect app replacement for Snapchat. Much like the latter, Yovo also allows you to take second-long photos, insert text content and share them with your friends and family. Unlike Snapchat, however, Yovo makes a more simplified and safer app version, which doesn’t completely delete your photos but scrambles them. 

19. Meet Up

Finding the perfect event has never looked easier! Meetup is a brand new app that helps you find relevant events near you. Moreover, Meetup helps you find business and lifestyle communities, get in touch with them, and share your experiences together.

18. Tapebook

Social media is ever-changing and Tapebook is here to prove it. As a social networking app, Tapebook works solely through recording audio and video ‘tapes’. Tapebook might also be the safest app of its kind to use, as it presents strong privacy features, and offers an ad-free experience. Think podcasting, with the option of adding a visual to your content.

17. Veoh

Veoh is more than just your new favorite video app! Here, you can not only record unlimited videos, but you can also scroll through a catalog of films and TV shows to watch. Furthermore, the app serves as a great social network, where you can find friends who share your interests or join your favorite groups.  

16. Wire

Wire is likely the messaging app you never knew you needed! Breaking the boundaries of design and uniqueness, Wire is different from the remaining messaging apps. The app, developed by the founder of Skype, offers various perks, including timed messages, group video calls, link previews and safe deletion of private messages.

15. Postmates

If you were looking for the ultimate delivery service app, look no further than Postmates. So much more than just a food delivery app, Postmates actually offers delivery services of any kind…and we do mean any kind. One thing to keep in mind about this app is that it mainly works locally, and when it comes to food delivery, it doesn’t partner up with restaurants.

14. Lumi

Never chase the stories that matter to you again! Lumi, a clever mix between Tinder and Flipboard, is a personalized newsfeed app that uses Tinder’s swipe method to save or dismiss a particular story. In time, the app will get an idea of the content you like, ultimately presenting you with the most relevant local and international stories.

13. Serial Box

Reshaping the world of digital books, Serial Box has now become available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The exclusive app gives you a rich selection of text and audiobooks, all made shorter, episodic and therefore, more time-effective.

12. Noom

If you were looking for the most compatible proper-dieting app, Noom does your health goals justice. Using a psychology-inspired approach to recognize your nutritional habits, triggers and health-related thought process, Noom helps you become your better self- emotionally, physically and health-wise. 

11. Mastodon

A mash-up of servers, each hosting a particular audience is what Mastodon is about. Similar, yet so much more improved than Twitter, Mastodon connects you to any server that matches your requirements or skills. Whether you are a social activist, a tech geek or else, Mastodon will find just the right community for you. The best part about the app is that it operates under the TootCat code, meaning the platform is clear of sexism, racism, nationalism and related violations.

10. Pocket Casts

Another innovative podcast app is Pocket Casts. The app helps you manage your favorite podcasts, browse by categories, networks, and chars or play your favorite podcast episodes on demand. As a bonus, the app offers a few additional features, including up-next option, silence trimmer, playback, playback skipper and else.

9. Canva

Working on your graphic design skills in 2020? Let Canva help! Canva is a specifically designed app that enables you to create graphic design content in just a few minutes. The app includes a gallery of free stock photos to use, but you can also upload and transform your own images and illustrations.

8. GarageBand

An app designed by Apple, GarageBand transforms your phone into a recording studio! A sublime app for creating music, GarageBand is suitable for both beginners and professionals and lets you play with beats, mix music tracks just like a DJ, and do it all on-the-go!

7. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is the Brainiac of apps! Designed to perform complex mathematical tasks, present facts and various types of statistics, Wolfram Alpha gives you all scientific and related information you were looking for. Calculator, who? 

6. Marco Polo

Aptly named after the popular social game, Marco Polo lets you communicate with your friends, colleagues, and family through pre-recorded calls. If you don’t have time to wait for a group call, you can use the app to record a video and send it for your group to watch later.

5. Waze

Count on Google to come up with all the apps we never knew we needed! One such app is Waze, and it is all about providing accurate and current information on the weather, active police road patrols, potential road accidents, and traffic conditions.

4. ThinkDirty

This could be one of the most health-aware apps you need in your phone. ThinkDirty (and it’s not what you think!) is an app that lets you scan any product in your house and find out whether it contains toxins, chemicals or carcinogens. Just a heads-up, don’t be alarmed to learn just how unsafe the products we use daily can be.

3. 1Password

If you have never found a way to organize all your passwords in one place, 1Password is just the app for you! Managing all your existing passwords and helping you generate new ones, 1Password keeps you signed in where you need be, while also keeping all your data safe.

2. ScreenShop

Is shopping on a budget your passion? ScreenShop is the type of app that allows you to shop your favorite items at much lower prices. To use it, all you have to do is take a screenshot of the item you like and let the app find the most affordable and similar shopping options for you.

1. Duolingo

Want to learn new languages in 2020? Duolingo is a superb app that helps you to learn foreign languages by playing interactive games. The app is free to download and use, and enables learning on-the-go with its recently featured offline lessons.