iPhone XI or iPhone Pro?

The Day has finally come. Apple is going to reveal the long anticipated new iPhone. When everyone is still speculating on what the new features are going to be, the colours and the pricing, Apple’s CEO is already answering a few questions via twitter. But still much is open to guesswork as we are not even sure what the name of the iPhone is going to be. OMG we are so excited!

We can tell you about a few new features and specifications that have been confirmed. The new camera for example. Not only is it an amazing piece of design, but functionality wise Apple is once again exceeding expectations by adding three instead of two cameras on the back. That means your pictures will be sharper than ever. In the iPhone itself a lot of things have been upgraded and rumors have it the new iPhone will be available in a few more colours. As for the price, unconfirmed sources report it will be available for in and around € 1100 – a little bit more than an iPhone XS.

Well this is as much that we can tell you right now. But stay tuned – tomorrow we will come back with an update with all you need to know for the much anticipated launch of the iPhone 11!