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Amstelveen, The Netherlands—26/10/18

Friendly Mobiles reshuffles the mobile market with the launch of their Premium refurbished iPhones™ and iPads™. The company’s unique Premium Refurbishing process returns used iPhones and iPads to fresh-out-of-factory devices—yet friendlier priced, more sustainable and with 2-year warranty.

Reducing electronic waste is crucial to our planet. Premium Refurbished iPhones and iPads more than double the average lifespan of Apple handheld devices.

Friendly Mobiles’ alternative is better than new in three ways: better for any budget, better with our longer warranty and better for the environment.

While the refurbishing industry has been around for a while, Premium Refurbishing differs in a number of important ways.

Premium Refurbish with new components

Brand quality of course is important to the brand owner. But no less to the consumer. Even looking for a bargain, customers expect top notch quality. Friendly Mobiles has found a unique way to respect the brand while restoring used devices to their original new state specs. Instead of simply refurbishing a product to a working level, Friendly Mobiles has designed a Premium Refurbishing process using only new components, restoring units step-by-step to a new-again-status. That’s why Friendly Mobiles can offer a 2-year warranty, twice as long as the original.

While we strive to make the world a slightly better place

To go green means more to us than just reducing waste. It’s a way of respecting both people and our planet. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is our foundation. We see it as our license to serve our customers.

The demand for sustainable products and services grows at a steady pace. Savings in energy consumption and the use of raw materials is our business model. But there’s more to it. As a team, it inspires us, because we feel we make a difference. That’s motivation. Motivated employees make companies better. And better companies make better employees.

As a company we are part of the communities in which we are active. Our involvement therein should contribute to those communities and their quality of life and development. With that in mind, our decision-making process is structured around this one focal point: everything we do or don’t do should advance both our company and coworkers on one hand, as well as the ecosystem in which we exist on the other.

We are Friendly Mobiles

We jump tall buildings in a single bound. We dot the i’s and cross the t’s. While in between those two, we do everything we can to make our vision come true. From making this world a little bit better to bringing our customers the best smartphones and tablets. And to do all that in the only way we know how: friendly, friendly, friendly. Did we mention…? Oh, never mind. We’re Friendly Mobiles, and we have only one offer: Best deal. Better feeling.

Check out our new website:

Friendly Mobiles launches a new web site to provide customers and interested organisations more insight into their Premium Refurbishing process, as well as a portal to available products.

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