These three apps will help you get your life back

Four people using their smartphones

Ever heard of Nomophobia? Well, we think you should have. It’s the surprisingly convenient acronym for “NO MObile PHOne phoBIA”. In clearer terms, the fear of not being able to use your smart device. Cell phone addiction is on the rise, study after study shows.

For years, Swedish car maker Volvo heralded in every advert that only one speed mattered to them: 0 kmh. The message of course being that technology is only in safe hands when those hands are capable of ample restraint. Now with that in mind, take another good look at that marvelous wonder of technology in your hands. That shiny screen, so mesmerizing when it’s lit.

Can you resist its overwhelming lure? Be honest: have you ever, in recent history, willingly left it on the bedside table when you went off to do your weekly grocery shopping? If the answer is no (and we all know it is) then here are three apps that will try everything to at least give you back some of what your life could be.

Moment – Screen Time Tracker

Moment is an app that registers every second your iPhone screen is active. For most people that is pretty much equal to active usage. Though fair enough, if you’re on the road often while following navigation guidance, you may find usage registration to defer from what you deem accurate.

But having said that, Moment is no less than a serious wake-up call when it comes to unveiling how much time you spend in the world of your iPhone. The app tracks how often you use your iPhone or iPad and which apps you use the most. Scary feature: it logs how many times you pick up your phone each day. And you won’t believe how often that is.

Convinced you are addicted? No worries. Moment can force you off your phone when you’re over your daily limit. And if that doesn’t make the difference, there’s also the personal coach that will help you get out of cyberspace and live your life in the real world.

You can find Moment.

Flipd – Keep focused

So, you think you are addicted? In that case, Flipd may just be the lock on the gates to cyberspace that you so desperately seem to lack.

Flipd hides social media and games on your iPhone. The idea is for you not to get distracted and stay focused on your work. Or your family. Maybe even spend more quality time with friends and loved ones. And if you feel up to it, the app provides the means for you to challenge yourself to stay away from your phone all together.

The moment I realised I needed to break up with my phone”, New York Times journalist Catherine Price writes, “came when I was feeding my baby in a darkened room as she cuddled on my lap. It was an intimate, tender moment — except for one detail. She was gazing at me… and I was on eBay, scrolling through listings for Victorian-era doorknobs.

Of course, you’re not nearly as far gone as Catherine. But should it come to that point, it’s good to know she got help from Flipd (and a whole bunch of other apps and methods) to overcome the addiction. Never despair!

You can find Flipd.

Space – Break Phone Addiction

The annoyingly confronting app Space was once known to iPhone junkies as Breakfree. Over 1,5 million copies of the app have been installed on smart devices since it first came out in the App Store.

Space tracks your phone usage patterns and provides you with ways and means to cut back on your bad habits. You can set goals and locks, while the app measures your progress and hails your achievements as if you were an Olympic athlete.

Maybe the best part is that you’re not in this all by yourself. Convince your friends, family and colleagues they’re in no better shape than yourself (just get them to read this article) and make sure they download their own copy of Space. Now you can share and compare results, and even compete amongst each other. Biggest user buys all drinks on Friday!

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