12 Reasons We’ll Love the New iOS 12

Apple calls it the world’s most advanced mobile operating system — and no one is arguing. If you’ve got an iPad Air 1 or later, an iPad mini 2 or later, an iPhone 5s or later, or a sixth-generation iPod touch, you can update your iDevice when iOS 12 comes out. When iOS 12 releases, it will make both your iPhone and iPad experience faster, more responsive, and even more useful.

Here are our 12 reasons why you’ll love iOS 12…


  1. Up to 70% faster swipe to Camera
  2. Up to 50% faster keyboard display
  3. Up to 2x faster app launch under heavy workload

From Animoji’s to AR

  1. Customizable Animoji is coming to iPhone X. Create a Memoji to match your personality and mood. You can make as many alter egos as you want for Messages and FaceTime.

  1. Camera Effects: there’s a new way to add personality to Messages and FaceTime right from the in-app camera. Quickly create and share a photo or video with Animoji, Memoji, cool filters, animated text effects, fun stickers, and more.
  2. You can now see augmented reality assets in Safari, Messages, Mail, and more. In Safari, for example, a website can display an AR image that can be projected right into the real world, a game changer when shopping for furniture. To work across iOS 12, Apple designed a new file format (USDZ, made in partnership with Pixar), letting you share while retaining 3D graphics and animations.

Time Management features

  1. You can make the most of how you choose to spend time on your iPhone or iPad. Screen Time will give you a better understanding of the time you (and your kids) spend using apps, visiting websites, and on your devices overall.
  2. Reduce interruptions throughout your day by managing your notifications in real time from the Lock screen, sending notifications from a specific app to Notification Center or turning them off altogether.
  3. Now you can set Do Not Disturb just for a meeting or while you’re at a location, and it will automatically turn off as soon as your event ends or you leave that place.

Powerful photo features

  1. For photo sharing, a new tab (For You ) shows you great moments from your photo library and intelligently suggests sharing photos with the people in them. And if the recipients use iOS 12, they’ll be prompted to share their photos from the event with you, too.
  2. Photo Search suggestions– a new way to help you find the exact photo you’re looking for, or rediscover a great one you forgot about. Before you start typing, you’ll see suggestions– and as you type, the results are smarter and more powerful.
  3. Safari will now prevent Share buttons and comment widgets on web pages from tracking you without your permission. Safari will also prevent advertisers from collecting your device’s characteristics — if they can’t identify your device, they can’t retarget ads to you.

But there is more…

At Friendly Mobiles we promised you we’ll always go one step further so here are 8 more reasons why iOS 12 will rock you.

  1. Apple Books has an all-new design that makes it easier for you to discover and read your favorite books — or listen to audiobooks.
  2. The new Stocks app with live stock quotes, and charts is — for the first time ever — available on iPad as well as iPhone.
  3. Voice Memos: the most popular iPhone audio recording app comes to iPad — with iCloud so you can access your voice memos anywhere.
  4. Strong passwords–for all of your apps and websites — will be automatically created and saved in Safari and in apps. You’ll get more secure passwords without having to remember anything.
  5. Never worry again about memorizing or typing SMS one-time passcodes. With Security Code AutoFill, SMS one-time passcodes will appear automatically as AutoFill suggestions.

  1. Battery usage chart (in Settings) will show your usage for the last 24 hours or 10 days. Tap a bar to see your app usage for that time period.
  2. iOS 12 for iPad includes updated gestures:  you can now go to the Home screen by quickly swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Get to Control Center more conveniently with a swipe from the top-right corner.
  3. A new Browse tab in Apple News makes it easier to discover new channels and topics — or to get to your favorites. On the iPad specifically, there’s a new Apple News sidebar for more quickly navigating through news topics.